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    Jailbroke my iPad for this...

    Wait! How do i download it!?
    Sorry man I just never got around to finishing it. The reason is that I just couldnt get it to look right in landscape. But if you want I can send you the wallpaper and the autocreates that will be for portrait for the plug-and-play version. Or if ypu really want the pro version I can work on it.

    I was thinking maybe though if I made both a landscape and portrait wallpaper and then combined them together in a 1024x1024 wallpaper if they would end up looking right. Should I give it a shot??

    Oh and apparently for some reason you cannot make categories folders larger than the normal icons or it shrinks it back. However do you think it would be a good idea to just have the folders icons in the wallpaper then just put transparent categories folders over it.

    Really sorry I havent been workin on this but I started school on wednesday and Ive been really busy. I'll try my best to do what I can this weekend.

    Edit: Ok I made the portrait and landscape wallpapers but had no luck combining them because then some of the vert/horz bars would be ontop of the icons and it wouldn't looks right.

    So I am forced to just have a portrait and a landscape version of the wallpaper which I just finished and work perfect. You will have to save these images and I will update the first post with these wallpapers. I assume that most people like me actually have a specific orientation that they organize their apps in. I always organize my apps in portrait mode and have them prefectly organized (at least on the first 5 of my 20 pages lol) but they arent perfect in landscape so I will use the portrait for myself.

    Since winterboard does not support ipad wallpapers properly you will just save the images from the first post and then change it from the settings.

    Can someone please tell me how to theme the statusbar and dock in an ipad theme?? I really need to know how to do this for my ipad theme because I need to make them both transparent. I need to know the image name(s), where it is placed, and the size of the image. (I only want the image for the springboard statusbar not the in-app) I would really appreciate it.

    Edit: updated the first post with the wallpapers

    Edit: Damn!!! I just themed all the icons and the autocreates show up great... But the regular cions i made in photoshop that are the same 74x74 size got randomly scaled up and blurry. Can someone please help me because otherwise no cydia or default icons can be themed. Santaf....anyone...? Please

    seems toyvan was having the same issues with the quality of the default icons. However his did scale correctly but still blurrily. Maybe he just made the icon size itself smaller than the autocreates

    Found a fix from Zausser's post on Toyvans thread.
    Looks sweet. And yes Winterboard wont skin the icons correct. Try putting one icon in the direct app folder and rename it icon72.png ( I think that the name. Make backup of the original. When I tested on mine the icons look perfect! Still looks sweet and I'll be all over it when it's released!
    Thanks Zausser. But this will be nessisary to get icons to show up right if you make them. Please if you make any icons for this theme post them here and I'll put them in the theme and fix them.

    EDIT: apparently the only way to theme ipad icons correctly is to do it through either bundles or folders with an the icon name "Icon-72.png". I was able to get this to work with most of the default apps and most of my cydia apps. Im still trying to get it for all of them. *This means that if you request an icon you will have to go into cydia and tell me what it says next to ID because that is the bundle name*

    **Check out the first post**

    This is random but I wish you could make bigger sigs because I would make it say this hilarious quote i came up with "If apple wanted to name their computers after a type of apple why name it macintosh when they couldve named it after the more popular Granny Smith. That way I could show people my 20" iGranny."
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    Sick wish I had an iPad because this looks pretty damn legit Snow. Great Job!
    Just finish it up dude. Just keep on trying because this neeeeeeddsssss to get done lol.
    Oh and here is what Absolute has turned into...
    2010-09-11 10:26 PM
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    Thanks Viiolent. Holy crap your themes like completely different. It looks awesome!! Great job buddy keep up the awesome work. I'll definitely start paying more attention to your thread.
    2010-09-11 10:49 PM
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    snow leo my fix was making the custom icons the same size as iphone icons. sorry i dind't see you needed help with this. it will still be blurry, but then it will upscale the icons to the right size. Just take the psd and change the image size to iphone size like 60x60 or 59x59
    2010-09-16 09:55 AM
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    ^No santaf if you check out the first post you will see I solved the issue. I just used bundles and folders for each app icon... I made a sticky on this too.
    2010-09-16 11:41 AM
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    sorry for bringing back up an old thread::
    what dock is that? could you provide the image for ipod touch 4g retina display?
    2011-01-27 10:03 AM
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    Its actually a mac OS X wooden dock that I resized for the ipad. I know someone did port this theme over to an HD theme but I cannot remember who it was but I will check and see if I have the files.

    Nevermind that person only ported it to SD (3gs size) and didnt port the dock.

    I would suggest just resizing the dock I have in the theme to HD dock size and hopefully itll look fine.
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    Where is the dock image located? I cant seem to find it.
    Is it possible for you to post the retina sized dock image? Thanks for the help.
    2011-01-28 12:02 AM
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