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    Hey guys, I just got back from vacation in Ocean City, NJ. I know this may disappoint some of you, but I decided to stop working on my crazy iNav underwater theme with Viiolent.HD. I had many reasons for this decision. Its just that Viiolent.HDs plug-and-play sprignboard with his full UI and awesome theme just kept getting better and better and closer to actually being released while I kept changing mine and making it more and more difficult to a point where I had no idea what I was doing and that it would be nearly impossible to make even with Viiolents help. Theres no way I would finish it before school started if it was even possible. But even if I did finish it it wouldnt be iOS 4 compatible and would be very difficult for the end user to set up.

    I'm really sorry to let all the people down that were looking forward to that and encouraged me to do it but one of the main reasons I decided to stop it is because I just got a 64gb wifi-only ipad (why would I need 3g when I got mywi 4 on my iphone). After using the ipad during my vacation I realized what an incredible device it was and how amazing the graphics in apps were on the device. However, as stunning of a user interface as some of apples apps like calendar and ibooks were, the springboard and overall UI of it were the same boring blah no matter what wallpaper you put behind the boring icons on the SB.

    So I was just sick of the boring springboard and didnt much like the tiny selection of ipad themes out there (not to say there arent good ones... just not my taste). I decided to give theming another shot and make a theme inspired by my favorite apple app: ibooks. But as much as I use my ipad for entertainment with HD movies and awesome games and music, I actually managed to read 3 whole books just in the 5 days I was away... on vacation! I dont think I'll ever pick up a paper book again and I can honestly say Ive never willingly read that much in one time before. I never hated reading but it just seemed so inconvenient when I get my shadow in the book and have to make out words in the cracks and actually turn pages (seems ridiculous right but it gets annoying espcially if i tear the pages.) and no more paper cuts! But the main thing is I can never get the lighting right and hate using book lights and worst of all HATE UGLY SANSARIF TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT! I swear the ugly font puts me to sleep when I read.

    But anyways... back to the theme. I know someone over at iHackMyi already made a shelf theme for the springboard and I thank him for some inspiration but in all reality his theme just seems to me like another one of those incomplete themes you see in cydia that may have a good concept but not enough effort is put into it in order to make a theme like the ones we have here at MMi. I really want to make this as complete as possible and have more than just a wallpaper.

    I decided Im going to make 3 versions of the theme. Plug-and-play, iNav, and categories iNav... so like simple, iNav, and Pro. All versions will feature a wallapaper with shelves resized for the ipad and the icons, a dock, some sexy matching status bar icon, autocreate icons, and *if I can get some (a lot of) help* a full UI.
    Top Shelf Simple: The plug-and-play version will autocreate book icons on the shelves that use an awesome book icon I found on google images but the icons will seem kinda small because the maximum size for ipad autocreates is 74x74 and the books are not as wide as they are tall. I will definitely need some help making the autocreates though. The autocreates will automatically skin all appstore apps and I will make icons for the default apps and will work on requests but will need some help. It is plug-and-play because you simply need to SSH the theme and turn it on in winterboard to setup.
    Top Shelf iNav(s)- I decided on making 2 iNav themes because I figured not everyone was as crazy as me with 500 apps on their ipad. Both iNav themes will feature springjumps. The springjumps icons will be the spines of large books that are different colors and will represent the (probably 6) different general types of apps: media, games, tools, ect. The springjumps will take you to different pages that contains that type of app. However the Pro and iNav versions will differ because the iNav version will just contain the same autocreate (small) icons that are the the plug and play but will just obviously be sorted under the general categories that are the springjumps. The Pro version will be for people like me who either have too many apps to fit under 6 pages or who are not satisfied with organizing only under general categories. The Pro version will feature full sized custom categories icons (larger books with custom pretty pictures) which will be on the shelves and colored corresponding to the springjump of the page its on. The categories folders will contain more specific types of media, games, tools, ect. (ie. for games the categories folders may be board, racing, FPS, RPG, TD, ect.). Then when you open the categories book icons it will be like opening a book (lol) because the categories background will be the graphics from the pages in an ibook. There will then be new autocreate icons for the pro version that will basically look like pictures in the book and the names will look like text on a page. Only there will be as many pictures as words lol.

    Since basically none of this theme is entirely my work there is credits to be due. First off obvious credit is due to Apple Inc. for going out of their way to make an amazing graphical interface in ibooks and the inspiration as well as images that I am using. Next I would like to give credit to Jesse C from iHackMyi for inspiration. I also would like to thank Zausser for the awesome concept of having springjumps in the dock that he used in his ZX and iNZ Neostyle themes. Thanks too to google images for the awesome book icon- really wish I knew who made it but as soon as i clicked it in google images it just downloaded the image. Site: Google Image Result for
    Thanks to appSafari for the VERY useful iPad Shelf Wallpaper Template that helped me with the alignment. Site: iPad Shelf Wallpaper Template and Contest - iPhone Apps, iPad apps & iPod touch App Reviews
    Thanks to for the dock icons that I heavily modified. Site: Google Image Result for

    Credit for dock all goes to THVG from DeviantArt for her Made of Wood icon and dock set for mac. Site: Made Of Wood by =Thvg on deviantART

    Im definitely gonna need some help along the way with this theme and (so far) it seems to be like itd be quite possible to make as long as I get some help and Im sure the great people here would love to help out. I may consider iconoclasm in this theme or some other things. If you have any additional suggestions, information,even criticism, or even a new name to suggest please feel free to post it here or shoot me an email at [email protected]

    Ok I couldn't get a wallpaper that works in both portrait and lanscape so I decided to make separate wallpapers.

    To use these wallpapers you will need to either open this page from your ipad and save them or save them to your computer and email it to your ipad. Then just enable it in the settings. The first 2 have the dock and statusbar imbedded in the wallpaper which will only show up right once I figure out how to make the normal dock and statusbar transparent. The last 2 you can use now and they will just use the default statusbar and dock.

    Top Shelf iPad Simple BETA: The beta is attached to this post. This beta includes autocreate icons as well as default icons and as much cydia icons as I feel like cranking out. I will now take requests. The PSD is also attached at the bottom of this post so you guys can start making your own cydia icons or maybe help me out with some of the request Note: The current beta does not yet have default icons but as soon as I finish making them I will update it.

    Heres some screenies (I found out how to make the dock and statusbar transparent thanks to bignighttrain and deathbybunnies6):

    I will make statusbar images a lockscreen and possibly more UI once I finsih the springboard stuff for the Pro and iNav Versions

    Preview for Pro/iNav versions:

    Just a quick mockup the final pro will look pretty awesome

    Note: icon theming through winterboard on the ipad (in high quality) can only be accomplished through /Bundles and /Folders within the theme. It took me like 2 whole hours to figure out how to get all of the icons to theme correctly. In order to get it to work *almost* every time when theming the icons I made both a bundles directory and and folder for each app. I made folder in the Theme/Folders/ with the *exact* app name that corresponds to what it shows up in /Applications directory. (ie. for n64iphone within the /Folders/ I made a folder called **In order to obtain the /Bundles name for the icon you MUST go into Cydia (not Rock) and what it says next to ID after clicking on it in Cydia is the bundle name. (ie. it is usually com.companyname.appname).** Then inside of each bundle and folder directory for the app I put the icon and named it with all of the 11 common (almost always used) icon names: Icon-72.png (sometimes a lowercase i), Icon-Small-50.png Icon-Small.png, [email protected], Icon.png (usually a lowercase "i"), [email protected], iPadAppIcon.png, [email protected], iPhoneAppIcon.png, [email protected], and [email protected].**HOWEVER: some few apple apps such as ipod and videos have different custom icon names such as icon-MediaPlayer.png, ect. that you will need to obtain from SSH or ifile looking in /Applications/ and figure out the icon names.
    I am largely aware this is a HUGE inconvenience to the creator of ipad themes BUT I wanted to prove that it still is possible to theme ipad icons in high quality without them being streched and blurry as a result of putting these icons in /Icons/appname.png. There is an advantage of theming the icons the "correct way". I am calling this the correct way because that is how icon theming was originally done and it requires a lot less resources from the ipad because instead of searching for the icon name and then placing it this way provides a directory to the actually icon location and temporarily replaces that icon with the same name when the theme is turned on. I hope this made sense and helps out the other ipad themers out there that were frustrated with blurry or streched ipad icons like me. I know there is stuff on the internet and other forums that briefly explains how this works but I wanted to create a guide that will help other theming noobs like me. (: And don't forget to hit the thanks button if this helped.

    ^If someone could please take that guide and put it into a sticky for the rest of the ipad themers here I would really appreciate it.

    *this means that when making a theme request for this theme in addition the screenshots of the page you must post the /Bundle name found next to ID in the Cydia as well as the /Folder name the /Applications directory via SSH or iFile.* Also, when making an icon request please allow me significant time to be able to get it working.

    I will upload the new version that includes all the default icons and all the cydia icons I currently have installed. Some screenies of default icons themed in high quality:

    Edit: The new beta was such a huge file because of all of the extra copies of the icons that I had to upload somewhere else: Download Top Shelf iPad Simple Beta from - send big files the easy way

    Edit #2: I just made the new thread discussing ipad icon theming. If any mods are here please make that thread a sticky.

    Edit #3: Anyone like my new avatar and sig? Is my sig getting cut off for anyone else?
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    hey man read your comment in the other thread. unfortunately ipad theming isn't even close to complete. You will not be able to get a full UI I don't think it has been decoded yet, so we don't know the names of the UIImages. Unless there was a breakthrough in the time that I haven't really been a part of this scene. But good luck doing all you can
    2010-08-20 06:13 AM
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    ^Yeah I realized that. But I know autocreates are possible and Im just gonna start out with that and theme the dock and the statusbar and some stuff.
    Can you theme categories folder backgrounds on ipad?

    Toyvan was able to do a lot of UI in his glass orbs theme for ipad so maybe once I get to a point where ill consider a full UI ill ask him for help.

    Santaf your the one that made the thread for ipad autocreates right? If so would you mind helping me out with that?
    2010-08-20 06:24 AM
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    yes i did and it works exactly the same as the iphone ones work but yeah if you need help i will help you. The only difference between it and iphone ones is the size, and location
    2010-08-20 06:26 AM
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    Thanks ill send you the files tomarrow

    but theres no way to make ipad autocreates bigger than 74x74 right?
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    This is looking pretty good, you made the smart choice and looking at this I feel that you and the ipad are much more likely to get it done perfectly you seem to like the ipad way more. First thing I would do is download a couple of the most complete ipad themes. (Graphite,glass orb) and look at what is themed and what isn't.
    2010-08-21 09:39 AM
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    Thanks ill send you the files tomarrow

    but theres no way to make ipad autocreates bigger than 74x74 right?
    That's right man sorry I didn't see you asked that

    thanks viiloent for putting graphite as one of the complete ones :-p
    2010-08-21 03:15 PM
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    thanks viiolent and yeah I already downloaded those themes. There both great themes and I paid for both but theyre just not my taste. I actually wanted to convert K and Zs seven OS to ipad and they said they would send me the files but never did

    How am I gonna get the wallpaper to look right in both portrait and landscape? is it possible to have a separate portrait and landscape wallpaper in the theme or i guess not because even normal wallpapers arent compatible with winterboard.

    but maybe if I combine the portrait and landscape ones into a 1024x1024 wallpaper it would work?
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    I use a 1024x1024 for all my wallpapers, I just have the guides marked on it so that I can keep the main content in the center so it looks good in either portrait or landscape.
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    2010-08-21 11:19 PM
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    ^any chance you can send one of your PSDs with the guides to my email at [email protected]
    2010-08-22 12:03 AM
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    Sorry boss, I don't have it on a PSD, I could probably throw one together though, I use Illustrator, then just use PhotoShop if I need any extra touch-ups. Let me see what I can do though.

    Ok, I made one for you real quick like and am emailing it now, so make sure to go check
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    2010-08-22 12:18 AM
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    thanks man i really appreciate it

    Figured out how to fix alignment issue in portrait... just gotta figure out how to make it look good in landscape. (screenshot)

    Anyone else out there with an ipad getting random reboots on an ipad? I get these random reboots and resprings when I turn it on, open an app, or do certain things in settings and cydia
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    I was having that, you probably have an issue with one of the apps you have installed, my issue was with action menu, everytime you tapped it would respring because it wanted to bring up the menu which is isnt quite compatible, I'd check your apps against the spreadsheet listing what works and doesnt
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    2010-08-22 07:43 AM
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    santafs gonna work on the autocreates when he gets the chance and I finally found an image suitable for the SJ icons so heres a preview of what the games page may look like:

    Obviously I will fix the picture up more and change the colors as well as obviously adding custom images and titles on each of the shelf and dock icons.
    Tell me what ya think.

    maybe I should move the title to the top so it looks better and the highest books arent on top of the status bar
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    2010-08-23 07:27 AM
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    sent you an auto icon thing if you don't like the way i changed it just let me know and i'll work on another thing
    2010-08-23 08:31 AM
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    Wow thanks so much santaf! You made them look way better than i had them before.
    Lets show the new icon for everyone to see:
    2010-08-23 02:22 PM
  17. santaf's Avatar
    2010-08-23 06:11 PM
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    How did you get the icons to be auto created?

    Iconmask? I haven't figured this out yet, so I gave up lmfao.

    If you could show me I'd be thankful.
    2010-08-24 12:32 AM
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    ^Heres a thread that explains it:

    But if you have absolutely no clue like me im sure santaf wouldnt mind helping out like he helped me out
    2010-08-24 01:40 AM
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    Jailbroke my iPad for this...

    Wait! How do i download it!?
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    2010-09-04 12:13 PM
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