1. GORcorps's Avatar
    I never made a thread here about them, but I had made 2 SMS tones based on the Old Spice commercials.

    This one comes from the Terry Crews commercials, where he yells "PUH PUH PUH PUH PUH PUH POWER" with the old spice whistle:
    ModMyi.com | Old Spice Power - SMS tone

    This one is just the regular Old Spice whistle:
    ModMyi.com | Old Spice Whistle - SMS tone

    I just submitted 2 more so I'll update this thread if/when they get approved. If you have any more ideas for an SMS tone that isn't already on the default Cydia repos then go ahead and ask it here. If you want any of these sounds made for a different function and not just an SMS sound, ask and I'll try and get around to it.
    2010-08-20 06:32 AM
  2. golfpro1980's Avatar
    I searched for these but could not find them. Would be neat if you could make SMS tone from the movie hot rod. The cool beans scene.
    2010-08-22 04:40 AM
  3. GORcorps's Avatar
    They still should be up. Searching cydia right now for "Old Spice" pulls them up, so I'm not sure why you're unable to find them.

    As far as the hot rod scene, it's pretty long for an SMS tone. Is there a specific part (1-2 seconds) of it that you preferred for a tone, or did you want it for more of a ringtone?
    2010-08-23 04:06 AM
  4. golfpro1980's Avatar
    Well I tried searching this morning and still nothing. What repository is it in? Maybe I don't have that one set up. As far as the cool beans and caddyshack I have figured out how to make them myself. I appreciate the help
    2010-08-23 01:47 PM