1. ultimate1984's Avatar
    I have tried a few themes but I am either not happy with the background or the icons.

    Can I just apply the icons I like to replace the current icons without upsetting my wallpaper and still change my wallpaper as and when I please on the iphone.

    Being I only want to customise my icons and leaving my background to a wallpaper of my choice etc. And I want to change the Signal Bars, wifi bars and battery meter at the top of the home screen. I will be happy to find out how and file name extensions and file size etc.

    Id be happy to share my creations once I have made it how I want it.

    Also am i using winterboard wrong. If i select items on there do i have to put them in a particular order for them to work. I can not get battery meter or battery charging, or the keyboards to work once downloaded from cydia.

    Thanks guys
    2010-08-23 02:01 PM