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    Hi guys,

    I have been speaking with psuskeels who is one of the developers for RockYourPhone / Intelliborn.
    As the team are currently busy updating their applications for 4.0, having time to redo the icons and graphics etc for a new device (such as the iphone 4's high res screen) often take a back seat.

    This is where you guys come in.
    Starting now till the end of August (thats the 31st) Psuskeels will be giving away a free license for ANY of the intelliborn products (MyWi, My3G, Intelliscreen, Tlert, Elert, MyProfiles and more) to the winner of this contest.

    The catch?

    You have to create all new images for the following applications (currently)

    1. MyProfiles
    2. Intelliscreen

    These graphics must include:
    The status bar icons,
    UI alerts such as pop-ups
    Springboard Icon

    These graphics must be for BOTH the standard iphone / ipod touch and the iphone 4 (with file extention @2x for high res).

    If you currently do not have either of the applications at the moment, use the trail feature from Rock for testing purposes.
    Please note the winner can choose one app from the list above for his/her free license.
    Hopefully with some more feedback from the dev's, a 2nd and 3rd place could have some smaller prize.

    On the 31st of August, the items with be judges via the team, or if unavailable, i will submit a vote here on modmyi

    Goodluck everyone.
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    2010-08-24 07:01 PM
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    How long do we have time?
    2010-08-24 07:31 PM
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    How long do we have time?
    Thanks I knew there was something I was missing. The end of august is the deadline.

    I'll speak to rock and see about getting a free MyWi and My3G give away too

    Goodluck. I'll be PMing other designers to help get more attention
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    2010-08-24 11:21 PM
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    I already have those apps. Lol damn. I'll see what I can do.
    2010-08-25 05:08 PM
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    You have all the apps? Well I'm sure we could work something out.
    Thanks for getting involved

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    2010-08-25 07:09 PM
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    I payed for all of those rock apps maybe a gift card so we can get some paid themes. Going to see what I can do going to try creating the them on my iPad hope it works.
    2010-08-25 07:28 PM
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    damn I could make an icon, but I suck at UI stuff.
    2010-08-25 07:57 PM
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    Well an icon for the app, and icons in the status bar would be
    More than enough
    The UI graphics simply could be a alert sheet as seen in themes such as matteUI etc

    I doubt rock would give gift
    Vouchers but I'll be sure to ask

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    2010-08-25 08:19 PM
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    2010-08-26 08:26 PM
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    Here are some ive made

    ok ive made a few, tell me what you think

    The FSO are not very clear, but it was a rushed effort, any feedback is useful


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    2010-08-29 05:01 PM