1. tshirtbooth's Avatar
    Hey there everyone,

    ok i ssh into the phone i copied the images to my mac for the dialer but when i open them in photoshop they do not open. When i preview them there blank. What am i doing wrong?

    iphone 4 with 4.0.1

    Thanks in advance

    2010-08-25 05:26 PM
  2. jml6278's Avatar
    Apple "optimizes" their png images, so you can't view them without de-optimizing them. I use FixPngDroplet.app which you can find by using Google to de-optimize them on my Mac. You might be better off just downloading an iPhone 4 compatible theme that mods the dialer and then you have all the files you need to mod without having to de-optimize each one.
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    2010-08-25 06:33 PM