1. rukavuda's Avatar
    is there a way to remover cydia completely and then re install ?
    its completely goosed, nothing updates all the sources have errors when updating etc etc
    2010-08-26 03:36 PM
  2. korin125's Avatar
    Well if you can, or have installed Rock you can uninstall "Cydia Installer". (Search for installer, not cydia) Then you can install it again. Although, the problem could be one of the packages installed with Cydia but I guess you'll see.

    I'm not responsible for any damage uninstalling Cydia O.o
    2010-08-26 09:27 PM
  3. area51crypto's Avatar
    korin125 has the best answer and you will always have this option if Cydia has a problem
    2010-08-27 12:29 AM
  4. Camilo072486's Avatar
    i deleted cydia by mistake not knowing what it was for how do i get it back
    2010-08-31 12:46 PM
  5. korin125's Avatar
    Wow, how did you manage that?

    Do you have the rock installer?
    Can you ssh into your device?
    2010-08-31 06:20 PM
  6. Camilo072486's Avatar
    i hardly know how to use it how do i know if i have rock installer
    2010-09-01 02:41 AM
  7. Camilo072486's Avatar
    well i do know the phone is alredy jailbreake it was send from u.s to colombia and i can used it here with any cell company
    2010-09-01 02:49 AM
  8. korin125's Avatar
    You're going to to have to rejailbreak.
    1) what device do you have?
    2) What firmware?

    Seriously, how did you delete Cydia?
    2010-09-01 04:57 AM
  9. Camilo072486's Avatar
    i though it was anothere prorgram

    i have the carrier 5.1 model mb702ll
    firm ware 05.12.01
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    2010-09-02 02:51 AM
  10. korin125's Avatar
    I mean did you have CyDelete or did you Delete Cydia from Cydia?

    Anyway, is it an iPhone or iPod touch?
    Do you need an unlock?
    05.12.01 is not a firmware. 3.x.x? 4.x.x?
    2010-09-02 06:40 AM