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    My 2nd Gen, 32gb I-Touch has for all intents and purposes bricked.

    I have tried a few methods and gotten little results. More often than not, I am stuck on a blank screen. I can not get into recovery mode and I can not get any screen aside from a blank one. The computer does not read the device at all.

    However, I can plug in and set in DFU mode, causing I-Tunes to bring up the "restore" option. I have tried a simple-restore and I guess that's stock firmware, but I get a 160x error. I'd like to try a restore with downgrade firmware.

    My question is: Is there specific firmware I should be looking for that would be most beneficial? I found 2.0.1 firmware, but maybe I should go as low 1.x.x firmware?

    I've tried all kinds of firmware - looks like that's not the problem...at least not until I get the iPod to restore, then maybe it will matter.
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