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    Hello all! I was wondering if any theme enthusiast out there could help. I jailbroke my iphone 3g 3.1.3 with snowbreeze. I know, I know there have been numerous discussion on this topic and I have read and tried all of the suggestions however none work! ( So my problem is that when i apply a theme some icons dont change. I am currently running the iclassic theme. When i ssh into my phone, some apps that dont have icons in the theme still come out with the proper mask for that theme. For example the ebay app did not have an icon in the theme however it did get modified for the theme. Then there are other apps that dont change their icons at all. I have tried
    1. Deleting the springboard cache i.e. SpringBoardIconCache and SpringBoardIconCache-small (i opened folder and deleted all files)
    2. Downloaded iWipeCache, it caused the iphone to respring however still did not solve problem
    3. Yes i have the slider set to 'on' in winterboard for SummerBoard Mode, still no luck
    4. I do not see this file: com.apple.springboard-imagecache-icons in directory: /var/mobile/Library/Caches. Its not there?? A lot of people say this solves problem...but where is the file?? maybe in a different location for firmware 3.1.3 users? if so please let me know where to locate it?
    5. I even deleted com.apple.springboard.displaystate.plist, still no luck

    Can someone please help?????
    2010-08-27 02:52 AM
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    That happens when you have an iDevice that doesn't shows english text. The iconsmostly have the Display Name, Dot, png.

    For example: Camera.png

    When you use german als language your Camera is shown as "Kamera" so the icon has to hae the name Kamera.png to make it work.

    How I solved it:

    SSH to your iDevice.
    Go to /Library/Themes/Your Themename.theme and copy the icons onto your computer.
    Now take a look at them locally and seek the icons you want to set that are missing.
    Best way is to create a new Directory. For example call it Missing Icons.theme and inside this directory you need one that is called Icons.
    Put all the missing icons into this directory and rename them to Displayname.png . German examples Kamera.png instead of Camera.png and Fotos.png instead of Photos.png
    Upload this whole Own Icons.theme directory into /Library/Themes on your iDevice.
    Go to Winterboard and activate this new Theme.
    Respring and see the icons beeing changed.
    I had this problem with about 40 icons of Glasklart.

    Putting your icons into an own theme-directory saves them from beeing deleted when an update comes out for your theme.
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    2010-08-27 03:29 PM
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    Sir you are a genius! That definitely solved the problem. I would have never thought of that!
    2010-09-02 03:50 PM