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    I'm a new jailbreak user, so maybe I've done something stupid, and was hoping to sanity-check myself here. I performed the jailbreakme.com jailbreak on my iPad, running OS 3.2.1. The jailbreak itself seemed to go just fine, and Cydia was installed. I downloaded the MyWi program and used it once to make sure it worked -- it seemed to just fine. I saw that MyWi would keep tethering when the program was in the background, and it seemed to work well. However, after turning off the tethering, the normal wifi operation of my iPad seems to be flakey at best.

    In "Settings", it sees the available wireless networks and purports to be connected to one of them. The indicator in the top left keeps reading "3G" though, instead of displaying the wireless icon. In fact, using whatismyipaddress.com shows that it's using an AT&T cell address rather than my home cable connection's IP. Once in a great while, the connection will turn over to wireless, but will quickly flip back to 3G. Turning the wireless off and on does not help. Turning the 3G radio off makes it flip over to the wireless icon, but it seems to not work at all.

    Is there some secret to turning MyWi off completely, or otherwise telling my iPad to quit forcing itself into 3G mode?

    2010-08-28 05:44 AM