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    I don't have the .shsh files saved because i never jailbroke my ipad or iphone on my comp....on my iphone i went straight to and it like a dummy i upgraded my ipad as soon as i got it by mistake now i want to downgrade.....i downloaded the 3.2.1 firmwire from modwyi and put my ipad in recovery mode shift and restore selected the file i just downloaded and it seems like its downgrading then i just get a error......I need Help badly i've been trying to downgrade for 2 days now....HELP HELP i cant wait lol.......

    wow 63 views and no answer i guess i'm not the only one who needs help.....
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    2010-08-30 03:10 AM
  2. iPadnewb's Avatar
    I don't think you have received a response, because without your 3.2.1 firmware SHSH files on Cydia you will not be able to jailbrake your device. At this point, your only option is to wait for the next release of iOS software, rumored to be 4.1, when a new jailbrake will be released and you can back-up your SHSH files at that point.
    2010-08-30 04:23 PM
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    Thanks so i just gotta wait for the 4.1 long do you think the jailbreak will be ready once the new firmwire is released
    2010-08-30 08:41 PM