1. cj.artworks's Avatar
    just made an ifile icon
    yes yes, big thx for that

    greets cj
    2010-11-21 01:22 AM
  2. whereswaldo's Avatar
    wow, just discovered this great thread. Got an iFile and MiM icon out of it
    Name? whereswaldo
    iDevice + Firmware? 32GB Black iPhone 4 iOS 5.0
    Computer + OS? Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd Gen i5, 2.3 Ghz, 750GB HDD, 8GB RAM Windows 7 HP
    Location? Toronto
    Found yet? No
    2010-12-01 04:24 AM
  3. dieseldoug's Avatar
    Looking for Callerid Faker, Poof, Cyfix, and Notifier
    2010-12-03 07:25 PM
  4. TheEnigma's Avatar
    thanks raaj

    It's still so Betty.
    2010-12-10 06:15 PM
  5. esizzle777's Avatar
    subd good thread
    2011-01-11 02:38 AM
  6. Maxhasadhd's Avatar
    can someone post a app icon template thats like the app store and cydia and itunes? like how the background is witht the circle? i just want the background no circle no icon in middle
    2011-01-13 05:25 AM
  7. esizzle777's Avatar
    how bout a bosspaper icon?
    2011-01-16 07:35 AM
  8. shehz1230's Avatar
    thanks mate
    2011-01-24 07:22 PM
  9. MN1987's Avatar
    I've gotten some awesome retina icons in here!

    Backgrounder needs one, bad. The default one is so pixelated it hurts my eyes.

    Pkgbackup to a lesser extent, too.
    2011-02-11 04:34 AM
  10. last1here's Avatar
    I made a settings one it's a little different from the original but it still looks ok

    And heres two more

    Last edited by last1here; 2011-02-25 at 05:36 PM. Reason: Idk
    2011-02-25 05:35 PM
  11. maclove's Avatar
    hey there guys and girls,

    please can some one tell me how to get to the wivtoken thread. im new to this and very confused lol
    im after some iconsfor the theme if said about above. thank you so much..
    2011-03-16 11:47 PM
  12. Sanady361's Avatar
    What happened that the thread starter was let go?
    My latest theme - -
    2011-03-30 08:18 PM
  13. eddietah's Avatar
    Thanks dude
    2011-03-31 01:35 PM
  14. PhanaticD's Avatar
    2011-05-17 05:40 AM
  15. last1here's Avatar
    2011-05-17 05:01 PM
  16. bambooladia's Avatar
    can you help me where to download cydia?
    2011-06-29 07:04 PM
  17. last1here's Avatar
    can you help me where to download cydia?
    That all depends on Firmware and device type
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    Add me on Gamecenter: Last1Here
    2011-06-29 07:57 PM
  18. Boweezie's Avatar
    can you help me where to download cydia?
    Yes that is a very broad topic, we need some more info
    2012-01-26 02:58 AM
  19. Raaj FX's Avatar
    This thread still moves?
    2012-01-26 01:39 PM
  20. xtrememan's Avatar
    is there a forum for spring jump icons
    2012-02-04 08:41 PM
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