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    Blue HD icons

    Note: Images PSD file and submit them for everyone who likes after a brief explanation of what I did for steps 1 through 8, I hope I did it well enough to allow all interested give is understanding. Eligible options are these icons as a replacement against and by replacing the color or color shifts from inside the icon. I leave you to decide how you like. Last I want to say that my idea is one that everyone can develop their own way and the idea that taste and want to say that probably is not as precise as professional things that make Z and Rob, but I tried to do something that would have in many subjects). Thanks to all friends in MMI and all those who in the past few days showed me that they liked this idea with my blue icons) !!

    Step 1: Open Blue Icons PSD

    Step 2: select suitable picture (a very good job doing white or black icons)

    Step 3:
    Click Ctrl + A

    Step 4: Click Ctrl + C

    Step 5: Click Ctrl + V are marked by blue background (the Copy icon on the blue background, this can happen to drag it there)

    Step 6: Click Ctrl + T (Dimensioning and centering on the icon in the blue background)

    Step 7: I set a few examples of icons as one of them can be seen that all uploads effects need to be able to obtain the prepared icon finished. Hold the mouse with the help of these effects, and move them on the prepared icon.

    Step 8: Already have an almost ready icon size 118 x 120 pixels. Now remains dependent on a topic to select a frame in which to place the semi finished icon. In this case I izpozlvam PSD file icons Nine HD and here the final result.



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    2010-08-31 01:28 PM
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    I have zero ps skills but i'm gonna give it a try, these icons look amazing on the retina screen.
    2010-08-31 01:48 PM