1. RicardoNoel's Avatar
    How do I change the font sow that it looks like the pictures in cydia?! Do I need a program?
    2010-10-04 08:58 AM
  2. ziggy7's Avatar
    ^^ go to iphoneruler.com
    Or it maybe .net, can't remember
    The details of changing the font on ios4 are are that site
    2010-10-04 02:00 PM
  3. Pinoykid's Avatar
    can i get an icon for game center in color purple please.
    2010-10-10 05:12 AM
  4. Lostnforgotton's Avatar
    hey i have a question or two. i aint very magical at figuring this theme stuff out but i did manage to get ur red theme to work on my 3gs ios 4.1. i got the weather mod for the lock screen the only thing i cant seem to figure out is how to change all the fonts to match yours. i tried using fontswap but either i cant figure it out (which is kinda hard theres only 5 options lol) or im missing a mod/plugin that i cant find. if anyone could school me up on this that would be awesome!
    2010-11-05 12:34 AM
  5. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Fontswap doesn't work on 4.1. As far as I know. You have to actually override the system fonts.
    2010-11-05 05:47 AM
  6. neo-matrix's Avatar
    Was just wondering if anyone was having the same issue as me? Whenever I open any app, the clock on the top shows up as black font on a black bar. On the homescreen its white font but for some reason any app I open up the font for the clock swaps to black on black.

    The other black font issue Ive noticed is when a popup menu opens up. For example when you go into your photos and you press the button for options like setting the photo as your wallpaper. When the menu comes up all of the menu boxes are black and the font for all of them are black too, making it very hard to read.

    Was just wondering if anyone came across a fix for this. Thanks. Great job on the theme btw.
    2010-11-06 04:40 PM
  7. esther5525's Avatar
    hi!i just finish download the zip file from you,but i dont know how to upload to my iphone,can u please tell me how to ipload the themes to my iphone? thanks
    2011-05-08 10:31 PM
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