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    EnVy iOS 4.0

    Package has been sent to cydia for approval

    I just want to say thanks for everyone who has donated! And who has helped me port this theme. You guys are great.

    This theme will be updated to work with Iphone4. When I dunno I have a lot of things going on right now, but in the near future.

    For everyone who wasn't able to get the color mods the link is working correctly now.

    You can find all the color mods and icon PSD here:Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    To receive completed theme
    ---Donate Here---

    Theme will be released in cydia for $1.99

    If you have donated and have not received the theme email me at [email protected]
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    2010-09-03 03:51 AM
  2. ziggy7's Avatar

    Awesome Theme by June..go buy it, you won't regret it...looks soo much better then the screenshots that you see
    2010-09-03 04:12 AM
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    EnVy iOS 4.0

    I'm Back!! I missed you guys

    I have began porting theme EnVy to be compatible with iOS4. Right now it is still in the beta stages. Hopefully you can help me along the way!

    I want to give a big thanks to Ziggy without him I wouldn't never attempted this without having iOS4. Thanks a Mil Ziggy!

    If you want to give this theme a shot let me know pm me or just post on the thread. I would put up a download link, but I really want some great feedback from you guys. This theme will be on cydia for 1.99. But I will not charge for the beta. Just doesn't make since to me. But you can always
    Thank you guys for checking it out, and hope to hear from you soon.

    I only have a couple of images that Ziggy has taken on his phone with ios4. Hopefully you guy can help me gather some more
    does this theme work with i4
    2010-09-03 04:25 AM
  4. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Have not tested on the i4
    2010-09-03 04:42 AM
  5. NBAball's Avatar
    here are the screenshots of the ios4 green color mod.
    Attached Thumbnails ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0027-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0028-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0030-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0036-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0032-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0029-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0037-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0038-1-.png  

    ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0039-1-.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0042-1-.png  
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    some of the icons were still blue i think it was only the stock and cydia icons

    edit: nevermind i went into ifile and saw that the icons folder for the green mod was named differently so ill post the new screenshots now
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    2010-09-03 07:09 AM
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    here are some cydia apps
    Attached Thumbnails ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0025-1-.png  
    2010-09-03 07:11 AM
  8. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Ok I will work on that tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it.

    Ok the issue on some of the icons not changing. Is in the theme folder the icon folder is named icon - copy. Rename the folder to Icons. And it will work correctly.
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    2010-09-03 07:23 AM
  9. NBAball's Avatar
    yeah no problem man its a great theme. just ask if you need anything else
    2010-09-03 07:25 AM
  10. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Little late huh. Lol
    2010-09-03 07:46 AM
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    here are some cydia apps
    Icons here in three colors. Enjoy!
    Attached Files
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    2010-09-03 07:57 AM
  12. NBAball's Avatar
    Thankss! And the red mod looks greaat
    2010-09-03 08:03 AM
  13. ziggy7's Avatar
    Green and Red Mods are super cool, thanks matey....


    Damn it!! I forgot to change the Wallpaper..oops!

    Need the colours changing on the wallpapers, Red and Green June

    C'mon guys and girls, give the Theme a try out!!

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    2010-09-03 01:05 PM
  14. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Here are the wallpapers, you will have to rename. Off to work
    Attached Thumbnails ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-greenwall.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-wallred.png  
    2010-09-03 03:08 PM
  15. ziggy7's Avatar
    Thanks June..have a cool day
    2010-09-03 03:32 PM
  16. princicci's Avatar
    I purchase the theme...activated with winterboard and i have this.
    My device iPhone 3gs 32 giga iOS 4.0.1
    can june resolve my problem?
    Attached Thumbnails ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0092.png   ***EnVy iOS 4.0***-img_0093.png  
    2010-09-03 04:52 PM
  17. princicci's Avatar
    and the icon don't autocreate.
    2010-09-03 04:53 PM
  18. sidneyfrank1977's Avatar
    I downlaoded the envy theme from cydia about a hour ago and i can' see my doc. the theme is half working. I paid $1.99 and want my money back. Iphone 3G 4.0. this is BS!!!!!!!!!
    2010-09-03 04:53 PM
  19. June'sIphone's Avatar
    The theme on cydia is not for 4.0 Both of u email me [email protected]. I will send you EnVy iOS4
    2010-09-03 05:01 PM
  20. sidneyfrank1977's Avatar
    HELP me please!!!!!!!!!!!

    how do i get this theme on my Iphone without cydia?

    3g 4.0
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    2010-09-03 05:05 PM
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