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    in windows/system32/drivers/etc there was an important file called "hosts", and i need to downgrade to 3.1.3... I cannot downgrade if I do not have that file because I'm using TINY UMBRELLA and it says "NOT running as administrator OR your hosts file isn't editable" this happened straight after I accidentally deleted it and i need the tts server so i can downgrade. please help me is there anyway i can restore this apple hosts file?

    I'VE TRIED: uninstalling and reinstalling itunes and quicktime, and trying to create a new hosts file but i do not know the format?
    2010-09-03 08:10 PM
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    To change or add the the hosts file (no extension, not hosts.txt or anything) you will need administrator rights. It is an ordinary text file. In Windows XP (I don't know about later Windows) it only needs to have one line: localhost

    When you create the file, you should hit Enter at the end of the line to make a new blank line after it. Save it just as "hosts". If the saved file has an extension, take it off. (I am assuming you have Windows configured to show common file extensions, which is not the default.)

    The following two lines are my Win XP hosts file: localhost gs.apple.com

    The stock Windows XP hosts file starts with a commented description which is unnecessary. The localhost is the only operative line present as shipped by Microsoft. The second line in my file is the one recommended by Cydia if you are jailbroken and ever need to downgrade your operating system. It points to the Cydia server for your stored SHSH's, if any. I think TinyUmbrella is trying to add that line.

    By the way, iTunes and QuickTime have nothing to do with the hosts file. They don't use it or change it.
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    2010-09-04 01:57 AM
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    Easiest way is download this Hostexpert
    it makes changing hosts file so easy and lets you restore create a default ms hosts file..
    2010-09-04 01:33 PM