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    Is it possible have an Iconoclasm layout active, but have the default springboard layout in CategoriesSB folders?

    For example, I have a custom Iconoclasm layout which puts two Icons very tightly on the left side of the screen. On my dock I have a few categories folders. When I open those folders they are forced in my custom Iconoclasm layout. Which means I have 2 icons per page, resulting in 8+ pages... I'd like to disable that.

    I considered Infinifolders over CatSB, but those damn mini-icons haunted my aesthetic layout. Unless someone has sorted getting rid of those yet, maybe?

    thanks ahead

    edit: maybe important to know i'm on the iphone 4. it seems anyone using the lower res iphones aren't running into this issue?
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    2010-09-05 03:01 AM
  2. x5c0d3's Avatar
    As far as I know there is no way to disable Iconoclasm in categories.
    2010-09-06 07:38 PM
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    I need this layout. Can anybody tell me the name of this layout? I Cant find it-.-


    here the link to the layout.
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    2011-01-06 08:07 PM