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    Update on the theme...

    Sexy or what? Different color schemes... A LOT
    2010-09-17 04:13 AM
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    very nice
    2010-09-17 05:20 PM
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    The WORKING lockscreen user wallpaper. Still deciding on a slider thinkin of just using the icon overlay for it. :P The solar system is something I made in Ps and the real thing actually uses the image you select in your camera roll!

    If you would like to test out the HD userwallpaper follow this link and ssh it into your winterboard directory. I know that the sliders and other stuff isnt themed or changed but I just want to see what needs to be done to make the HTML compatible for the iPhone 4... It works on 3.0 devices so yeh.. :P
    LockUser iP4.theme.rar
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    2010-09-18 05:38 AM
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    2010-09-18 05:52 AM
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    try this one. realized a mistake in my css!
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    2010-09-18 05:55 AM
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    If you are interested in testing send me a Private Message and i'll look into it! Sorry for having such a huge amount of rewrites and concepts but it now looks better than it did before!
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    2010-09-19 05:34 AM
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    Bumping so that the new screenshots are visible!

    Guys these images dont do it justice. Once you see it on the phone you will be awestruck by just HOW good these things look. In fact save that springboard image then look at in your photos app. Amazing
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    2010-10-09 06:27 PM
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