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    hi i recently updated my itouch 2g to V4.02 but after the update i realised i had no wifi and no bluetooth. so i decided to downgrade to V4 and i still have the same problem.

    I have read a number of posts from different forums on this issue and it seems if i can jailbreak my itouch it can solve the problem. but my issue is to jailbreak the itouch 2G V4.0 i need to access the jailbreakme.com website and i cant since i have no internet.

    can anyone advise me how can i get internet on my itouch OR is there any other way to jailbreak the itouch without accessing the interent.

    i have tried to downgrade to V3.1.3 but no success only errors.

    please help
    2010-09-08 06:28 AM