1. aplifoneusr's Avatar
    I installed ultrasnow on my jailbroken iPhone 4 running ios 4.0.1, 01.59.00 and all was working fine.....then a couple of days later I was in the middle of exchanging text messages with some friends and bam no more cellular data.....it was if my iPhone just became an itouch.....it eventually gave me my cellular data back but with a change.....when I first unlocked my iPhone under settings>general>network I had an option for carriers and you could see where it was searching for a network and then give me a list to choose from.....now that option is gone and I'm back to what it was before I unlocked it......anyone know what happened......did I miss something......thanks
    2010-09-11 02:46 PM
  2. sault's Avatar
    The same here, aplifoneusr. And it happens from time to time. If , when happens, you switch to Airplane mode, and back, it says "invalid sim" . then i reboot and often fix the problem. If not, i reinstall ultrasnow.

    Can you tell me if its the same for you?
    2010-10-05 07:27 AM