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    This theme is only made for iPhone 4.

    Avani HD is now up for beta testing.
    This is the first beta release so not everything is complete.
    I work with Avani HD every day and will update you with the changes until the final release.

    Avani HD Beta 1.0 features:
    • Auto-creation of all App Store icons
    • Dialer skin
    • Media Player skin
    • SMS skin
    • Lockscreen charging battery
    • Default loading screens
    • Safari skin (will probably be changed until next beta)

    Coming soon!
    • calculator
    • weather skin
    • Complete UIImages
    • Clock Skin
    • Notes skin
    • clock skin

    Avani HD Beta 1.0 will be free for everyone to download!
    However, I will only give donators updates of my progress. (More loading screens, skins to Apps, UIImages etc.)

    I am not setting an amount so you decide how much you want to donate.
    If you have questions about this theme, please send a PM or post in this thread.

    DOWNLOAD AVANI HD BETA: 2shared - download AvaniHD.theme.rar

    If you like this theme and want the updates until the final release, please donate.

    Donation Link:
    Attached Thumbnails [Beta Release] Avani HD-avanibeta.png  
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    2010-09-14 05:32 AM
  2. Zooropalg's Avatar
    Amazing job !!!
    2010-09-14 08:31 AM
  3. Ishue's Avatar
    If someone find any bug or something that look strange, please write in this thread so I can fix it to next release.
    2010-09-14 02:37 PM
  4. ReBourne's Avatar
    hey dude very impressive theme and thanks for sharing your beta, keep up the good work dude
    2010-09-14 05:29 PM
  5. Ishue's Avatar
    My updates so far...

    I have finally (after hours of trying) got the User Wallpaper to work.
    However, I have only basic knowledge of HTML so I have cleaned up the wallpaper a bit.

    You will now be able to choose you want my Wallpaper or the User Wallpaper. (And I will do some more wallpapers of the original so you can choose what suit best for you)

    Second update are a new Clock skin. Sheers!!
    You can see how it looks on the picture below.

    I have sent this package to the beta-testers that has donate.
    I have done some minor changes at the UIImages and add a few that will also include in the update.
    If you want this updates right a way, you need to donate.
    Otherwise, you will have to wait.
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    2010-09-15 08:29 PM
  6. slap690's Avatar
    Loading screens look very nice! Donate to beta test a wallpaper and auto create icons...No thanks
    2010-09-27 11:29 PM
  7. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Loveing the icons bro !

    Nice job
    2010-09-28 12:50 AM
  8. Sanady361's Avatar
    Great idea... I'd like to see it when you're finished... unfortunately releasing it piece by piece tends to rush you, and things sometimes turn out worse. Just a word of wisdom.
    My latest theme - -
    2010-09-29 02:09 PM