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    Hi all,

    So last night I saw a theme that I really like, iMatte ios4 theme. After seeing how it looks I made the decision to purchase and download it. Purchase went through successfully, then when going to install it I receive an error:

    (sorry typing this on my phone so just uploading to yfrog to show you the error)

    Now I thought this might have a problem to do with either five icon switcher or my phone since I've been having some problems with cydia. I uninstalled five icon switcher, tried again and it gave me the same error only with infinifolders, so I figured maybe that restore would be worth doing. So I restored my phone, and before installing anything else in cydia i installed it again, only to get the same error with the stock app. Like the iPhone stock app that comes with the phone.
    I restored one more time, just to be sure and got the same problem.
    On that error, I can't hit okay. I have to completely restart cydia in order to use it again.

    Installing other themes (matte nano for instance) is just fine so at this point I'm blaming the theme.

    So do you guys have any ideas what could be going on? Since I paid for the theme I would love to use it..
    I have a 3gs running 4.0.1 (bb 05.13.04) on tmobile.

    (also sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum section)

    Thanks ahead of time!

    Hmm, well anyone have any ideas of where to post this if there's no help here?
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    Hi, just wanna say I am having the same problem. Haven't solved the issue yet such a shame, the theme looks sweet.
    2010-10-11 04:20 PM