1. zausser's Avatar
    Hi Zausser,

    Get the brunt of this design done and the rest of us can help build it up from there. Well, at least a few good Photoshopers will help. I'm a bit of a status bar tweaker nerd...lmao.

    This is what I love about your work. You give out PSD's to your fans, which makes it easier to stay within your design elements.

    Now I'm going to have to buy another theme. Never thought I would buy one or even two, but man you do awesome work.

    Great job so far...not sure about the BIG X though. There must be something way out there that you haven't though of yet for the wallpaper.
    That may be an idea. Having some of you help. Maybe turn my last theme into a community project. My psd's only make sense to me. I'm also using alot of illustrator for this theme. I'll think on that. I'll provide many walls. I use the x on lock but not on the wallpaper. If you have some wall ideas post them up.

    Long day at work today.

    I'm thinking of starting ui tonight. Then moving into bundles.
    2010-09-16 04:37 PM
  2. Retrospect's Avatar
    No doubt your last project will awe us all like you always do.
    Check out my theme Réalité HD: Here!
    <Donate> if you want to help me and support my themes.
    2010-09-16 05:16 PM
  3. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    looking sweet Z! im digging the colors used.
    2010-09-16 05:27 PM
  4. ALIEN1974's Avatar
    I'm thinking of starting ui tonight. Then moving into bundles.
    Belive me...is better that way.
    Go with the UI first,as I think is the most frustrating part and takes some time,but you already know that...
    I think there will be no prob with wallpapers,people like Jazz will do outstanding mods for it,that this one will be unstopable.
    2010-09-16 05:35 PM
  5. dc71295's Avatar
    i cant wait Z this is going to be EPIC. i love the design so far!!!
    2010-09-16 05:49 PM
  6. FiVe5tArPlAy3r's Avatar
    Really like the thought that you brought X back specially for the ip4 it was personally my favorite theme, always Z your work is outstanding and breath taking since it's your last theme defiantly take your time and don't rush it man, good things come to those that wait! Your going out with style and a bang love everything you do for this forum you deserve a break!
    2010-09-16 06:11 PM
  7. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    at least your going out with a bang bro , awesome
    2010-09-16 07:28 PM
  8. ziggy7's Avatar
    Looks absolutely stunning as per usual Z, Awesome work from the master!!
    2010-09-16 07:36 PM
  9. AnthxnyJe's Avatar
    I love you Z
    2010-09-16 08:05 PM
  10. Coop2009's Avatar
    looks amazing dude cant wait to see the finished thing take care bro you have helped me learn photoshop and im going to continue then maybe ill try a theme lol cheers dude
    2010-09-16 09:41 PM
  11. barsoverbeats's Avatar
    I love you Z
    Whoa... Lmao

    Nitro Z keeping it HOT in here...
    2010-09-16 09:51 PM
  12. Darkness777's Avatar
    2010-09-16 10:01 PM
  13. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    You know how I feel Steve, kinda sad. Like most, I just love your themes and your willingness to help others.
    Thank you so much for sharing your friendship and talent with us.
    2010-09-17 01:29 AM
  14. III[ZERO]III's Avatar
    Really nice Z definitely gonna buy this when you release it. Love the blue and red reminds me of the gauges on my car too haha.
    Good luck on this massive project.
    2010-09-17 01:43 AM
  15. zausser's Avatar
    2010-09-17 02:01 AM
  16. Fate1121's Avatar
    That's sweet Z good job
    2010-09-17 02:09 AM
  17. k.nitsua's Avatar
    Time for me to get to work on this...

    *into the lockscreen laboratory I go*
    #eli7e revived me
    2010-09-17 02:55 AM
  18. Pronup's Avatar
    I cant' believe this is going to be your last theme Z! It's going to be sad not having your genius working on new themes, but when you know it's time to go....you have to follow your heart!

    We will miss you, but your themes will go on.....
    2010-09-17 04:11 AM
  19. zausser's Avatar
    2010-09-17 04:16 AM
  20. AnthonyGiola's Avatar
    Wow Z, the amount of love put into this is astounding.. This looks great! Im not a fan of really super colorful themes but you did it with an astounding amount of respect to the rule of not making something ugly. AMAZING
    2010-09-17 04:29 AM
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