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    I was downloading a file in Safari when Safari Crashed and closed and now Safari will not open any webpages :-(

    If you open Safari the Bookmarks page opens fine but as soon as you attempt to open a page Safari Crashes back to the SpringBoard. I know it is definitely SDM as if I uninstall it or turn off the Mobile Substrate using SBSettings, Safari then works 100%

    I have tried manually removing any files that are left over after uninstalling SDM but cannot find any in the usual places.

    Does have anyone have a way I can get this to work without a Full Restore as I download alot from Safari and am now having to go back to use the Downloads App from the AppStore and it is less than convenient. I have contacted the Apps Dev but have not had a reply.

    I can supply a Crash Log if it helps?

    I fixed it,

    Go to /var/mobile/Media/Downloads and delete everything in there then reboot including the manifest.plist (I forgot this was here as I always download into my Documents Folder)

    Re-installed and all is working.

    You can close this thread now, thanks
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    gr8 to be of inspiration
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