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    10/5/10 UPDATE: There are only 10 spots remaining! If your interested, email me here!

    ALSO! Standard version (pre-retina screen) has begun BETA testing! Please contact me at the email link above!

    NO MMI PM please!

    Beta testers wanted so I can compile a list of highly requested icons for themeing. Please see screen shots of theme below.

    For more details on the theme, visit: HD Engraved Wood 2.0

    **If you wish to have the full theme, please purchase on Cydia: HD Engraved Wood. Also keep an eye out for HD Engraved Wood SBS for a special SBSettings customization to accompany this theme

    If you wish to participate in the FREE Beta, please contact me by emailing me here.

    Note: the beta only contains icons for testing. If you wish to get the whole theme with many more awesome details such as Overboard customizations, SwitcherPlus customization, Settings and UI customizations, and many more to come, please buy the app on Cydia for only $0.99!

    Also note: this version of the beta only supports Retina screen devices. However, a standard definition version will be released soon. If you wish to participate in the beta for the standard definition version, please contact me and keep an eye out for "Engraved Wood Std" in the Cydia store soon.
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