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    this is a known problem , im still trying to figure out the problem.
    2010-10-26 08:42 PM
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    thank you to fbjones for testing it out.

    This does work on the iphone 4 but there not hi res images (yet)...

    hey guys. Jus wanted to share something that ive been perfecting these past couple of days.

    Now this isnt 100% my work. Credit goes to mone from dbportal for the original idea.

    All i did was clean up the code , and port it.

    What your gonna need:

    Lockscreen clock hide
    istrings (optional)

    thats it !

    Some screenies

    if you want too you can delete both the uiimages folder and the com.apple.springboard folder because there kinda useless.

    Please report any problems.

    lt newclock b.zip

    please press the thanks button.

    credit to wim66 for the update.

    how i download this?
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    2011-04-25 03:51 PM
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    So wait. Mone was cool with this?
    2011-04-25 04:14 PM
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    If you delete the whole segment of code that retains to the background image, then open clock.css and change the background color to transparent, then cut out the usable code in lockscreen.html and paste it into the head and body of whatever theme you are using it will work together (as pictured below.

    P.S. ArDott, good work on this but the title in a html file is supposed to be on top of any code. just letting you know.

    hi buddy how u change the color of the animated lockscreen clock frm white to blue n red? tks
    2011-05-24 12:42 PM
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