1. lublja's Avatar
    First I want to say how incredibly talented you guys are. I have purchased many themes, and it seems like lately, I am donating and buying themes more than two or three times a week. I am fortunate enough that I can try most of them out, without having to not pay a utility bill. Having said that, I am really tired of downloading from Cydia. I would like to download directly from here, but I am not quite experienced enough to do so. I really hate waiting for Cydia to get to these great themes. What I am asking for are instructions on how to download a theme, directly to my iphone 4. I would appreciate it very much. Every time I see a new theme, I am amazed at the originality and creativeness. Thanks again.
    2010-09-30 08:51 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    How nice of you to say.
    Some changes are going to be made in Cydia (we hope soon) and that should help us all. Changes are needed.
    2010-09-30 09:03 AM
  3. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Depending on the theme developer.

    For example Z , when you donate for his themes he'll send you a link in an email , then just open that link im Safari (have Safari Download Manager and iFile installed btw) and then download , open iFile , navigate to var/mobile/Media/Downloads and you will see the theme there as a zip file , click it and go on zip viewer , wait until it loads everything in that folder then press the little box in the bottom right corner and go on "Extract all files" once thats done click done at the top and you will see a normal folder with your downloaded theme

    Then click edit , click the theme go on copy/link and copy it into the library/themes folder. Exit iFile and select your theme in WinterBoard.

    Hope this helped
    2010-09-30 09:20 AM