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    Restoring a coworkers sons Touch that I jailbroke awhile back cuz he cant remember passcode. I downloaded the correct software to restore to (from MODMYI), but keeps giving me "firmware incompatible" error. I know the shsh is saved because I did it myself with firmware umbrella and saved a copy on disk which I still have. Is my only option to upgrade it to 4.1? (downloading it now). Is there something new going on that I'm not aware of? I saw that other people had a similar issues, but figured i'd get the best help here as usual. I have never restored a Touch(only jailbroke them)I have previously only changed versions or restored on Iphones.
    Thanks in advance.

    perhaps it's my itunes version needing to be updated??? will try that tomorrow, but feel free to comment if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime.
    Thanks again
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    It is what it is...
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    Make sure you downloaded the correct 3.1.3 for your model... There are 3:

    1st Gen: iPod1,1_3.1.3_7E18
    2nd Gen: iPod2,1_3.1.3_7E18
    3rd Gen: iPod3,1_3.1.3_7E18

    Notice that the iPod part changes according to generation.

    My friend was trying to upgrade his 2G, which he thought was a 3G, with the 3G firmware, and it kept telling him it was incompatible.
    2010-09-30 10:06 PM
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    That could be it. Was pretty sure it was 3G because how new it was, but...

    ...modmyi's file for 2g is 403 forbidden was the same earlier when i tried to download it.

    I'll try another source for the file tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just take it to 4.1. The kid doesn't need it jailbroken anyway. He didn't even know how to use it that way anyhow not my prob. Jailbreak it later when it comes out if he really wants broken. thanks.
    P.s. sorry if any errors, I'm on my phone and to lazy to go back and check it
    2010-10-01 05:01 AM