1. ChrisBarto's Avatar
    We have to hope that maybe Darkness 777 has also the theme
    and we edited the icons !!!!!!!

    But we can hope so!!!!
    2011-01-28 07:22 PM
  2. hirschy75's Avatar
    SD Version!!!! Time for a movie, some beer, and some playing around with this theme

    can someone help me to fix the weather , i tried changing the ============= var locale = 55805632; // The location WOEID, see README.txt for more information, with my zip code but it doesnt change , can someone help me out......
    Don't use zip codes. When you look up your zip code in yahoo weather you gotta copy the number that's at the end of the URL into the notepad

    Hope that's what you're asking
    2011-01-28 07:37 PM
  3. ziggy7's Avatar
    i have a few problems D;
    i have an iphone 4 running on 4.1

    is the bitesms icon not themed yet? the version i have is actually 5.1 beta 15.

    here i guess since the bitesms isn't completely themed yet, the sms alert icon in the sbsettings doesn't show up?

    the phone keypad isn't themed. ;O

    the most annoying thing ever lol. i tried ssh-ing and deleting the "..FolderLinen" file and it still wouldn't change T-T i even tried the iwipe cache thing, didn't work x.x
    Get fsWipe Cache.

    I've attached a temp biteSMS folder...just place it in the Theme bundles and respring.

    The guys still updating the Theme, so be Patient
    Attached Files
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    2011-01-28 08:01 PM
  4. ziggy7's Avatar
    @decke, Any chance you could post up the Wallpaper for the Weather mod...without the dark area at the bottom where the weather should be, i'm not using the weather

    2011-01-28 08:09 PM
  5. burning09's Avatar
    Hi I got ur theme from ThemeIt but when I try to intall I'm getting this:
    Starting DOWNLOAD Operation => Done
    Starting INSTALL operation
    > Processing file. => Done
    > Analyzing Hardware compatibility... => Done
    > Analyzing iOS compatibility... => Done
    > Analyzing Conflicts => Done
    > Analyzing Dependencies... => Done
    > Launching Debian Packager ...
    ERROR :
    DPKG returned error #2.
    setuid: Operation not permitted
    setgid: Operation not permitted
    dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege
    Can u help me and tell me what to do to fix this so that I can install ur theme I have the iPhone 4 running 4.2.1 thank you
    Odd. It shouldn't be forcing su privileges. Have you tried restarting ur phone?
    2011-01-28 08:15 PM
  6. hhm's Avatar
    A couple more.
    I just downloaded the theme. Pretty sweet. A few requests.
    Here are some icons...
    Attached Thumbnails iFlat II-icon-2x.png   iFlat II-icon-2x_bis.png   iFlat II-3.png  
    2011-01-28 09:16 PM
  7. hirschy75's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a way to add an icon to a categories folder?

    I use categories more than folders and I know illumine had icons for folders. Any idea how to do that?
    2011-01-28 09:22 PM
  8. mombopete's Avatar
    Here are some icons...
    Thank you.

    iFile icon already done

    Sent from my iPhone using ModMyi
    Thank you.
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    2011-01-28 09:57 PM
  9. hirschy75's Avatar
    A couple requests:

    Looking for Paypal, ESPN, eBay, and Dictionary if anyone has those icons. I couldn't find them anywhere
    2011-01-28 10:01 PM
  10. mombopete's Avatar
    A few more icons, please.
    Attached Thumbnails iFlat II-icon_frijan28_160002_2011.png   iFlat II-icon-2x_frijan28_155821_2011.png   iFlat II-icon-2x_frijan28_155906_2011.png   iFlat II-icon-2x_frijan28_160002_2011.png  
    2011-01-28 10:01 PM
  11. hirschy75's Avatar

    iFlat II-photo.png

    Any ideas?
    2011-01-28 10:13 PM
  12. mombopete's Avatar
    Here are some icons...
    How to I get these to show up. I created the correct folder and gave the icon the proper name and they do not show up. Please help.
    2011-01-28 10:26 PM
  13. darrylmao's Avatar
    the update messed up my maps and camera apps!
    can anyone send me the icon pngs for these please?

    but anyways, i need this icon themed x)
    it's a remade icon for bitesms lol.

    Device: GP JB iPhone 4 4.2.1
    OS: Windows 7

    2011-01-28 10:30 PM
  14. hirschy75's Avatar
    How to I get these to show up. I created the correct folder and gave the icon the proper name and they do not show up. Please help.
    I still have no idea either... haven't gotten any to work either

    the update messed up my maps and camera apps!
    can anyone send me the icon pngs for these please?
    I SSH'd and under map it had icon and then icon~iphone. Removed both of the ~iphone ones because I have an ipod and that fixed it for me
    2011-01-28 10:49 PM
  15. burning09's Avatar
    The extra icons are for the 4.2.1 firmware, but people seem to be having issues with those files in there if they are on a firmware below 4.2.1.
    will talk to Decke about it.
    2011-01-28 10:56 PM
  16. Ticko's Avatar
    thanks for all you guys taking the lead on these icons!!! much appreciated. if anyone one of you skilled icon makers want to touch up my iPod icon i made a few pages back I would greatly appreciate it. I just rushed through it and didn't make it proper.
    @decke, Again thank you for your support in this theme and helping all of us. Just 1 suggestion is that maybe you could post in the OP these icons people are making so that people know what has already been made and what needs to be made in 1 general location so that they arent spread amongst the many pages of this thread. Thanks again!
    2011-01-28 11:01 PM
  17. gyjd1214's Avatar
    hi mate, i've downloaded the themeit app to my Iphone4 and purchased this fantastic theme, but when i installed it using themeit last night it showed error, saying that package 'Winterboard' was not found, but i've already installed winterboard, what coould be the reason for this? would you please help me by sending a email to [email protected] ? thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you
    2011-01-29 12:50 AM
  18. mombopete's Avatar
    The theme is looking great. Does anyone have any other sbsettings icons? I was looking for a my3G, volume, SDM, and TVTuner Out icons. Those and a few more and I'll be in business. Thanks in advance.
    2011-01-29 12:53 AM
  19. decke's Avatar
    Next update will include many goodies such as...

    More icons, both springboard and SBSettings, themed Phone, full SMS app and of course fix the few bugs!

    Stay tuned
    2011-01-29 01:48 AM
  20. burning09's Avatar
    If you are having issues with theme it then it is because you haven't downloaded it from our official repo which is www.themeitapp.com/repo
    and if you did download it from the official repo then chances are that you installed it on top of another theme it app which caused problems.
    2011-01-29 02:07 AM
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