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    Well here you go kiddies. Just in time for halloween, I finally got around to updating my Halloween Horror Nights themes. You still have choice between the static and animated lockscreen. This update included more frightening icons, decayed app store icons (auto-skinning), a flaming trash can to "burn" your deleted files, some in-call icons (including your friend Freddy K.), new hellish dial keypad, a new silence graphics (Dead Silence), and a couple of other graphic tweaks. The previous versions already included an animated Flaming Lantern lockscreen, custom icons of your fav HHN Icons, custom razor blade unlock slider, Terra Queen SMS background, unlock & in-call keypad, and custom weather backgrounds. So slide your finger across the razor blade and witness HHN XX invade your iPhone. After all, the only thing you have to fear is Fear himself!

    http://modmyi.com/info/halloweenhorr...tsstatic.d.php has the static lockscreen
    http://modmyi.com/info/halloweenhorr...animated.d.php has the animated lockscreen

    This is a fan made theme. I have no affiliation to Universal Studios or Halloween Horror Nights XX.

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