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    let me start off by saying this is my first attempt at making and packaging a theme.

    i made a quick sms theme with smsbackground and balloon1/2. i made this manually by creating a folder in /library/themes, winterboard sees it, and the theme works correctly.

    my problem is that i took this same folder off the phone via ssh, created a deb file and posted the file on my cydia repo. the theme installs ok and the files can be found in /library/themes after installing but when activated in winterboard, it does not work.

    does anyone know why this is? im very confused.

    edit: fixed, kind of. i did a chown mobile:mobile on the folder and now the theme works. why isnt the user set correctly when installing?

    edit2: as a temporary solution i made a postinst script to chown mobile:mobile the folder the theme creates. works ok in winterboard now after installing. still dont understand though.
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