1. princicci's Avatar
    maybe you can create a personel folder and ssh into themes like me where i put all my custom mod inside.place it on top of everything.that the last resort i can think of.
    And can you create for me the folder ??
    2010-10-14 08:06 PM
  2. Ashanx's Avatar
    lol my bad, just caught y'all mid convo.
    2010-10-14 08:06 PM
  3. goofyone's Avatar
    romg78 should just come up with a few and post them for people to pick from so there are options...
    2010-10-14 08:09 PM
  4. princicci's Avatar
    Thanks a lot Romg798
    2010-10-14 08:09 PM
  5. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Ill show you a trick with them when i get home from school romg
    2010-10-14 08:13 PM
  6. jokerg7's Avatar

    Sorry it took so long. Works kicking my butt. Anyway here it is.

    2010-10-14 08:18 PM
  7. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Thank you bro. Im away from home atm can you resize it down by 50% for the 3Gs please ?
    2010-10-14 08:19 PM
  8. goofyone's Avatar

    can you do one MS79
    2010-10-14 08:32 PM
  9. jokerg7's Avatar
    gimme a sec re-installing photoshop
    2010-10-14 08:33 PM
  10. Raaj FX was banned's Avatar
    Re installing? why would you removee ?

    So i just checked Cydia and my first ever complete theme that i actually published.


    12949 downloads (and counting....)
    Last edited by Raaj FX was banned; 2010-10-14 at 08:49 PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
    2010-10-14 08:47 PM
  11. goofyone's Avatar
    can someone make me icons with these images. one is for limera1n and the other mobile terminal. Thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Lucid Dream-green-raindrop.jpg   Lucid Dream-mobile-termianl.jpg  
    2010-10-14 08:48 PM
  12. romg78's Avatar
    here you go

    2010-10-14 09:00 PM
  13. goofyone's Avatar
    thanks romg78
    2010-10-14 09:01 PM
  14. T76's Avatar
    can someone be kind to make me this icons please,thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Lucid Dream-icon-2x.png  
    Attached Images Lucid Dream-icon.png 
    2010-10-14 09:07 PM
  15. romg78's Avatar
    i don't like the icon for mobile terminal...
    Attached Thumbnails Lucid Dream-11.png   Lucid Dream-14.png   Lucid Dream-icon.png  
    2010-10-14 09:12 PM
  16. goofyone's Avatar

    not to keen on the mobile termianl one either any other ideas?
    2010-10-14 09:13 PM
  17. T76's Avatar
    i don't like the icon for mobile terminal...
    thank you very much Romg78
    2010-10-14 09:19 PM
  18. Huaikong's Avatar
    And can you create for me the folder ??
    it just another ordinary folder.ssh into var/stash/themes/,create a folder with any name and a 'Bundles' subfolder.copy the terminal and gamecenter bundle into it.go to winterboard you should be able to see the folder ontop of everything.
    2010-10-14 09:28 PM
  19. It's Mi's Avatar
    Title requested..
    Hit thanks button if you like and tell me if you want some change.
    Hey romg78

    May u make me a title too? That would be really, really great!!! Unfortunately I have no experience in photoshopping
    If u have time to do that I would really like "It's Mi" or/and "Miriam", offcause without the ""

    Thanks in advance

    Have a nice day and lots of fun with your iPhone !!
    2010-10-14 10:21 PM
  20. romg78's Avatar
    I made a mix for you..
    tell me if you like? or if you want any change?

    2010-10-14 10:28 PM
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