1. xzero's Avatar
    I have winterboard..im running jailbroken 4.1
    i use to theme for my old iphone 3g back 2 years ago and got over it cuz it was too slow
    but now i have NO IDEA how to upload my theme to my phone
    i tried using ssh and could not find where to go.. can someone please help me?
    2010-10-12 01:04 PM
  2. cocotherat's Avatar
    try this
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    2010-10-12 02:19 PM
  3. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    haha forehead slap
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    2010-10-12 07:26 PM
  4. xzero's Avatar
    no no no
    i mean like the var folder or anything does not show up
    its only iPhoneData
    Books iTunes and Photos
    its like apple patched accessing the phone with 4.1

    i know how to upload themes to the phone
    i use to theme with my old 3g, made a bunch of themes
    but for some reason the folders from 3g arent the same for the iphone 4
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    2010-10-13 01:55 AM
  5. Waverley73's Avatar
    Try here:

    2010-10-13 05:37 AM
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