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    I am manually changing my dock icons, using a 72x72 png image, replacing app icons in the actual app folder, as opposed to using winter board. The apps located in the var/stash/applications folder are easily modified and replaced just by replacing the icon.png file (or other common file name). But I am having difficulty using the same process to replace the icons of apps in the var/mobile/applications folder. I am guessing that the springboard automatically resizes the icon images, and it also places a black background behind my icons which I originally created with a transparent background. This is a bit aggravating to say the least. Is there a way to disable the automatic resize and black background? Or am I just **** out of luck and have to use winter board or an injection method? I would prefer not to use winter board because it makes icons look terrible. Thanks in advance!
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    I think im having the same issue as you. But it only seems to happen with App Store icons, not the defaults. Hopefully we will get a fix for this!

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    I've been trying to find the same answer?
    I've been using my 118x120 Elite Pro Hd icons from my iphone4 theme. They've been working out marvelous for Cydia apps and defaults. I'm also using them framed for App store icons and some fit and some don't. I'm also getting a little of a black border as can be seen on my Netflix icon on the bottom left.

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