1. Superglut2's Avatar

    I downloaded the Programm Fake Carrier on my Jailbroken 4.1 Iphone 3G.
    Then i changed my Date and my Carrier Name. Now i have the problem that my Iphone keeps rebooting when in Apps, or in Cydia. And my App Store App will not install apps anymore.

    I have experienced the same problem when i had 4.0. I just didnt know that it came from Fake Carrier. So i have had Iphone 4.1 for quiet a w hile now and just installed fake carrier an hour ago (no other apps) and now im experiencing the rebooting and App Store bug.

    Help please.

    (I tried uninstalling Fake Carrier, but it didnt fix the problem)
    2010-10-16 09:12 PM
  2. SepticTank's Avatar
    You said it wont install apps but can you still access Cydia store? If so, make sure you have fully deleted it by checking in the Sources tab under Manage. If gone, I'd suggest you restore as a new phone and avoid Fake Carrier app but make sure it's that app and not another unsuspecting one.

    When you get your phone back in order, download Make it Mine. It's the same thing (don't think it does a date though?) and it works flawlessly.
    2010-10-18 05:28 PM