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  1. sniffer321's Avatar
    Hi all,
    I've just brought my ipad today however it's come pre installed with 3.2.2. I'm having trouble downgrading it to 3.2.1. I've done the system32/etc part but because it has no previous shsh thingy stored it wont work. Does anyone know a work around? I'm new to this so any help is appreciated.

    2010-10-19 09:48 PM
  2. lineskis's Avatar
    You cant downgrade. Unless u have the shsh files saved. Sorry. Why do u need to downgrade anyways?
    2010-10-19 10:39 PM
  3. psilocybin's Avatar
    Download greenp0ison or limera1n and jb your 3.2.2
    2010-10-19 11:31 PM
  4. sniffer321's Avatar
    Thank you for that it's now jb with limera1n perfectly. Thank you for your guidance. Great forum, I've been having a good look round.

    Best wishes

    2010-10-20 06:22 PM
  5. LGgeek's Avatar

    Pwnage Tool - Mentioned a few days ago as a tool to get "untethered jailbreaks on all future A4 firmwares" (which they don't clarify today, just mention again in the iPhone Dev Team release post), this release jailbreaks the following devices:

    * AppleTV 2G
    * iPad (firmware 3.2.2)
    I don't drink kool-Aid, I don't join cults.
    This is why I break out in cold sweat going to Apple retail store.
    2010-10-20 09:58 PM
  6. iggychins's Avatar says you can jailbreak up to 4.0, just not past 4.0.1. Not sure why your trying to downgrade your ipad to jailbreak it. If limera1 isn't working, try worked great on mine.
    2010-10-20 10:39 PM