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    So I have been using this "HTC lock style gruppled" theme, that is HTC style clock on your lockscreen with lockinfo type info below. I have two issues that i'm not sure how to fix.

    1) When plugged in the theme overrides or is on top of my battery screen (I have my battery theme above the HTC in winterboard), and also shows instead of the syncing device screen.

    2) The lockinfo stuff only appears if I have a missed item. i.e if i have a text i haven't read or mail I haven't read it will show up in the lockinfo. If i read the text/mail/ or missed call it will disappear from the lockscreen. Before i added this theme lockinfo would display (calendar/text/mail, etc even if i didn't have any missed.

    I am comfortable with SSH I just need to know what file to edit if thats the problem. Any help is appreciated, and also this is not my theme I just found it on the web somewhere.
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    2010-10-23 04:51 PM