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    For my theme I'm using the Winterboard method of modding icons. Some of you may be familiar with this. Instead of using the Summerboard method and dumping all the icons in a folder named "icons", now I create a new folder for each program.

    For example, the Cydia icons now go in Your.theme/Bundles/com.saurik.Cydia as "icon.png" and/or "[email protected]"

    Do I put the iFile and QuickLock icons in the com.saurik.cydia folder? If so, what do I name it? I know how to extract the bundle indentifier thingy from regular programs, but I don't know where Cydia programs are installed.



    Okay, I found them both:

    iFile: Bundles/euheinelt.ifile, and the icon is named [email protected]

    QuickLock2: Bundles/againstnight0.QuickLock2 and the icon is named icon.png.

    Also, Cydia apps seem to be located in var/stash/Applications.

    I hope this helps somebody -- Modmyi search results really suck.
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