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    I just jailbroke my iPad today using limera1n and am loving the new abilities! One of the first things I put on it was Backgrounder because that is really what my iPad needs. I have not been able to get it to function though. I launch the program and am able to access Activator, but it will not save my choices. I select Short Hold to be able to activate Backgrounder, but when I go Back and then return to the settings, they are all cleared again.

    Here are some pictures of the screens I'm seeing.

    This is actually just the setting I'd like to use. Every time I go to this screen, it is all blank.

    Any ideas why Activator wouldn't save my settings and why it isn't showing up on the Settings page? I have installed SBSettings as well since that seems to be something that comes up a lot in my searches, but it hasn't helped.
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    lol...glad it's fixed out.

    wait, it is fixed, right?
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    Yup. All good!
    2010-10-29 05:14 AM