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    Hi everyone!

    First, I'd like to apologize to anyone who bought my theme in Cydia. It should have been removed since the day it went online. But it seems they have no conscience whatsoever, and rather make a few easy bucks, while keeping all the sales money...

    Your only solution if it happenned to you is ask a refund with them, and donate directly to me, and I'll provide you with my own repo.

    So that said, let me introduce you to iMatte v3.0.

    First a few screenshots:

    Here is the installation video, showing you how easy and fast it is to set it up, with the help of my scripts suite.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5tqfV4lBXc]YouTube - iMatte v3.0 - The most complete, advanced, easiest to install iPhone Theme[/ame]

    As you can see, the scripts take care of many many things. From how the theme looks, to creating loading screens, dealing with the theme files that cannot be applied with winterboard, etc, etc... you can even apply a custom sbsettings respring screen with it!

    I will skip you a long read here, and let you visit my website for more infos:

    informatique conseils +

    All the screenshots can be found here: Screenshots - iMatte Screenshots | Screenshots, Icons, Imatte, Folder, Wallpaper

    All the videos here:
    Videos | Imatte, Video, Extras, Relax, Enjoy

    Installation guides:
    Installation | Theme, Files, Imatte, Script, Install

    How to... | Script, Install, Bitmap, Widget, Image

    If you have any question, please visit my website, and use the contact form or support forum (by joining up).

    Thank you everyone for your support, I hope you like!

    2010-10-29 03:44 AM
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    It looks like an excellent theme but I don't know how I feel about having to donate every time I want the next update. I suppose I've been spoiled with other themes that update for free but nonetheless, you have an excellent theme!
    2010-11-02 06:53 PM
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    Well, let me clarify things up.

    Since I started, I only asked for 1 (re)donation. And the theme since then more than doubled. So, you tell me if it was worth it or not.

    With the latest update, I have included 11 different themes presets to choose from, and more can be made by selecting the different parts yourself.

    There is a lot more in iMatte than in any other theme around. So if 5$ is too much for all that is included... there are many free themes around like you say... but... again.. it's all up to you.

    My theme uses a lot of paid extensions... so it's targetted at people running those extensions too.. so if they paid the 10$ or so buck required to get all these extensions, I think they deserve to have a theme that live up to these expectations. And no one complained about the update so far and many redonated.

    I will not ask a redonation every update... but every time I feel I have added enough to it to justify that.

    It's not a contract... if you want to skip an update and don't want to donate, you're free to do so, and come back later when you feel like it.

    Understand also that no other theme maker is working on this as a full time job, dealing with support within a few minutes of the question, answer to donations lightning fast and all. I take this like it was a business, and my members all appreciate that fact.

    All in all, I think the price is very fair considering all is included. Just the script is worth alot in this. It helps the many without the required knowledge to set it up properly. And the script alone took me 1 week of almost full time job to do.

    Anyway I just wanted to clarify this, so others dont jump on conclusion and think I ask for a donation every time it is updated.. it's nothing like this.

    Have a look at my website and join up and follow the forums.. you'll see how it goes

    Do you also know many themers who will do custom icons in a 24h turnaround? And I don't mean applying a simple mask to it, I draw them out individually...
    2010-11-02 07:26 PM