1. Dazbobaby's Avatar
    it's my second theme, until this week I didn't even know custom theme's existed, but then again, I've only had a touch for 3 weeks.

    Anyhow, the theme, it's pretty basic, one background, several foregrounds and the neurolines code (slightly edited images).

    The theme: it's attached.
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    2010-11-02 09:52 PM
  2. Dazbobaby's Avatar
    I've been trying to figure out the JS file from the nexus one theme, and so far it's hard going.
    Are there any guides that anyone knows of that could help me to tweak it?
    2010-11-03 12:03 AM
  3. TimJ777's Avatar
    eh. not a fan of the controllers at the end of the lines. Maybe you can change it into the "P" logo at the end with a corresponding color. I do not get who the little sock-doll is. Nice work on a theme mainly made by nitestarzz(except for your 4 icons, dock, creepy doll, and the juxtaposed controllers.) BUT, nice for a new iFan. Try harder next time. Great Potential is waiting for you to use it.
    2010-11-03 12:37 AM
  4. Dazbobaby's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback.
    The doll is Sackboy!
    Did nitestarzz make the Nexus one theme?
    Are there any other themes based on his code?

    I'm not short on idea's, just short on the know how, the more examples I see the more I can learn.
    Thanks again though.
    2010-11-03 01:07 AM
  5. TimJ777's Avatar
    No problem. helpful Criticism lol. Also I can maybe TRY helping you with the playstation logo at the end of the NeuroLines. Just ask nitestarzz for approval first. Maybe post a vid of the theme in action. We should collab on a PSP theme maybe. Just PM me. Also, we can make more icons that look like the ones on PSP/PS3.
    2010-11-03 02:43 AM