1. Ven0M0D's Avatar
    is it me or did we get left with nothing?
    all the themes are now in HD so we can use them =[
    not to mention the HTC flip clocks dont work!
    does anyone know how to fix these issues, without getting a iPhone/iPod 4
    2010-11-04 11:13 PM
  2. PermaBan's Avatar
    Many themers make release both HD and non HD versions of their themes. Plus, look around. There are hundreds of great themes out there already made for low-res. Saying that there are no themes made for 2G and 3G users is completely false. Currently, I make non-HD themes, and I am working on one right now. Check it out:


    Look around, there are plenty of non-HD themes.
    2010-11-04 11:27 PM
  3. MuseFan288's Avatar
    "what are you talking about willis?" - The Hangover
    seriously man there are many great themes non HD.
    Lemme enlighten you 1derful, Illumine, IdivinoriumHD (it's compatible with non HD), Classified, XHD, and the best one of all. Timeless. These are the best of the best man and some theme creators will give you the theme for free like TCcentex. Those are the ones I have but other great ones for non HD are Dusk, Lucid Dream, Evolution OS2, EightOS, 24k, iDrone, Elite Pro, Nine HD, and Signature.
    I don't use them because 1. I'm on 4.0, 2. I can't purchase them 3. I dont like messing around with the layout for most themes.
    Don't get me wrong mate they're great themes.
    2010-11-04 11:42 PM
  4. PermaBan's Avatar
    ...and the best one of all. Timeless.
    I think you meant to say Modern Blue. jk :P
    2010-11-05 12:08 AM
  5. Blue's Avatar
    Most themes are still NOT made for iphone 4

    And yes, he said Timeless
    2010-11-05 12:56 AM
  6. PermaBan's Avatar
    And yes, he said Timeless
    I know what I heard. >
    Creator of Modern Blue
    Follow me on Twitter! PermaBanMMI
    2010-11-05 01:07 AM
  7. Ven0M0D's Avatar
    im sorry guys i wasnt specific enough.
    yur all right. there are plenty of nice themes for low-res, but all the nice ones are made for HD. the reason i posted this thread is to see if theres a way to make HD themes work on my low-res iTouch
    2010-11-05 09:55 PM
  8. MuseFan288's Avatar
    Lots of the ones I mentioned are nice and for both HD and non HD. Timeless is an example, it's in my opinion the best theme for both hd and non HD. 1derful, iDivinoriumHD, Classified, XHD, Lucid Dream, Signature, and Elite Pro HD are very, very nice themes for both HD and non HD. There's no reason to say all the nice ones are only HD especially when Timeless is available for non HD.

    To make an HD theme work low res you're going to have to reduce the images by about 50% and rename some files. That's all i know sorry I can't be of more assistance
    2010-11-06 01:22 AM