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    Whenever I open either Cydia, Rockapp, or iFile on my iPod Touch running iOS 4.1, the signal bars theme I have installed (Changes wi-fi bars to look like cell phone reception bars) reverts the signal bars back to the original wi-fi bars. This has happened with almost every signal bar theme that I have installed whenever those three apps are open. All other apps work just fine. Any idea as to why this happens?
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    2010-11-15 04:36 AM
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    There's nothing really new about that that's always happened on 3.0 and beyond for some reason. It's not a bug or anything its just the way winterboard works
    2010-11-15 04:39 AM
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    Thats odd. Whenever I used 3.1.2 that rarely occured. It now happens everytime those three apps are open.
    2010-11-15 04:40 AM
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    This happens to everyone, at this point I don't think there is a fix, this started happening from 4.0 and up

    Trust me I tried to go find it, I think the issue is that those apps aren't allowing Winterboard access so you have to go into SSH and place it on top of Apples original pngs idk the location

    ps it also occurs in Facebook with the Carrier unless you use make it mine

    Please post the solution if found
    2010-11-15 04:41 AM
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    It happens when I open cydia and im on 4.1 but thts fine I guess coz Thts d way it is when cydia is opened
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