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    Ok guys and gals! I have looked this up and didn't find anything. I am having trouble getting the Elite Pro HD keyboard to take. I dowloaded the iAccess 4 china as the theme wants then dowloaded the keyboard theme and I can't get the Elite keybord to work. Can anyone help me? Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas? Please?

    This is what I did: (im listing this since im kinda new to the jailbreaks thing)
    1-bought and installed Elite HD
    2-downloaded the extra stuff that comes with Elite HD including keyboard
    3-after reading keyboard requiring iaccess4-china ithen proceeded to cydia home/more package sources/iAcces v.0-1
    4-i then did a search in cydia for iAcces 3 China(iOS4 Only) installed it
    5-after I installed I watched some youtube vids that said to turn off certain toggles in iAcces 4 china so I did
    6-went into winterboard and selected Elite Pro HD keyboard resprung and nothing!

    To my knowledge the iAcces was free. It didnt show that it needed to be paid for. Also I noticed after iAcces was installed my phone got really slow! I dunno. Please help!
    2010-11-15 06:03 AM
  2. Ashish301282's Avatar
    Im having same problem barsoverneats not responding or helping
    2010-11-15 11:57 AM
  3. bludragon06's Avatar
    I emailed bars this weekend and hasn't responded. Its cool. I'll wait a little longer and see what happens!
    2010-11-15 05:00 PM
  4. ungrrr's Avatar
    2010-12-21 10:46 PM
  5. bombmom's Avatar
    That should work. Normally its the reboot not respring that needs to be done.
    2010-12-21 10:50 PM
  6. kpitter21's Avatar
    Did anyone figure this out?

    WOW, get this... As I finished doing exactly what this post said to do and checking the keyboard to see if it worked, i noticed it didn't. then as I'm replying for mor help, BOOM! All of sudden my keyboard changed and it worked. I'm now realizing that there's a button shaped like a globe that seems to be a toggle. Holla!
    2011-01-13 06:47 AM