1. Robsbrutal's Avatar
    I have an htc widget on my SB and it won't rotate with the rest of my spring board when I run SB rotator. Does anyone know how to get that widget to rotate also?
    2010-11-15 09:25 AM
  2. BenderRodriguez's Avatar
    To put it simply u cant if you use vertical and horizontal

    But if you prefer horizontal ONLY then this is possible by recoding the widgets parameters, what i mean is there is a way in HTML code to have sideways text, if it's a picture just Photoshop rotate all of them and then move them back over

    Please thank me on site if this helped if not please ask away, my major is in web page design so if you need some code editing I can point you in the right direction

    All widgets have an HTML code which loads the images and info into the background

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    2010-11-15 10:43 AM