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    iPhone 3GS, FW 4.1
    JBd with Limera1n
    Theme: dBar Android

    ++ SOLVED: Look at next post for workaround ++

    Hey everyone,

    New to the forum and would like your help. As you can see in the pic attached, my dock icons get a grey overlay and the original icons show when I open a folder.

    As per the theme they are transparent icons with only text at the bottom - however when I open a folder, the original icon is shown with a grey overlay on it.
    I blanked out the original icons for Phone.app, Mail.app, Safari.app but left biteSMS.app icon as default to show that hiding the default icon file doesn't work.

    I have tried changing files in UIKit.framework, com.apple.mobileicons and Bundle files within the theme, but to no avail.

    Does anyone know the file I need to change, if this can be fixed or is it more than just an icon overlay issue ?

    Thanks in advance, it's really bugging me =/
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    Okay, this is for all those who come across this post from Google and what to know how to fix this graphic mumbo jumbo - especially if you can't find the aptly named 'GhostlyIconMask.png' in Springboard.app (like me) and replace it with a blank file.

    You have to find the folder containing the icon you're having 'Ghosting' issues with and replace it with a blank icon.
    Example - I had issues with my 'Phone' icon so:
    I replace 'icon.png' in '/Applications/MobilePhone.app' with a blank version (RENAMING does NOT work)

    Note: For newbies - file naming is important so be case sensitive
    Note 2: Since you're modifying the original files, it would be in your best interest to add '.bak' to the original filename in case you wanna switch back

    I came across this by accident while blanking out my biteSMS icon for another reason.
    Even with custom icons in the Icons folder in your theme, the ghosting issue still shows, so I came up with this low-level workaround.

    If someone knows of a better way, comment away !!

    If you need help finding the icon for an app (that I also have) I'll try and help =)
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