1. teamew's Avatar
    I'm sorry for making several threads about my different problems, but I would like to know why Illumine doesn't automatically theme my icons like it used to? I have tried pretty much everything I've read, but I've had to manually change almost all the icons.

    Why does it do this? And how do I make it so that ILLUMINE automatically puts the theme on my icons??


    iPhone 3GS
    ILLUMINE 1.6
    iOS 4.2.1
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    2010-12-05 05:09 PM
  2. dynasty0792's Avatar
    Due to the fact that iKon hasn't updated illumine, it is still only fully compatible with iOS 3.x. I had the same problem. If you still have your SHSH files from 3.x saved, consider rolling back
    2010-12-08 04:19 AM
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