1. ellersbee's Avatar
    Does anyone still have PSD for icons still?
    2011-09-29 11:25 PM
  2. metaserph's Avatar
    Attached Images
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2011-09-30 05:54 AM
  3. dicky1986s's Avatar
    i need all icon this theme..i hope to help,thank for forum...i setting for iphone 3gs but not work,icon set orgi,I guessed wrong structure
    2011-09-30 11:03 AM
  4. zma's Avatar
    First off... Submited an update today. Second off. I never received an email awsum. Please send it to
    [email protected]
    Preferably just send your cydia acc # and I can liscense your account easily.
    Thanks for the patience guys, I can't stay awake very long anymore. Just totally exhausted.
    Email sent with cydia acc#!
    2011-10-01 02:18 PM
  5. areske86's Avatar
    donation for inception hd sent
    Ya know Ive been hearing a lot of people talking about how all themes are the same now a days. Well heres something new and I hope ya love it as much as I do. The name is iNCEPTION and lets just say it will definitely reinvent your idea of what a theme is. Quite simply it does what its name says; Gives birth to an idea, one that themes that are not only clean but new and creative from the pack. Welcome to iNCEPTION ladies and gentlemen.

    If you buy the theme you will also receive ALL addons presently made and in the future. That means that you can get my amazingly awesome Alt Icon set available through Cydia for Free! (Weather Widget, Vector Icons etc etc. )
    To Receive the theme please donate to this paypal account. The minimum $2.99. This will grant you access to the theme and all updates.
    You can download the SBSettings for free from this Link iNCEPTION HD SBSettings.zip

    ANimated LockScreen
    2012-03-16 11:53 PM
  6. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
    Oh hell ya!!!!
    2012-03-17 01:27 AM
  7. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails [Preview] iNCEPTION HD-imageuploadedbymodmyi1331943453.079081.jpg  
    2012-03-17 03:15 AM
  8. Fattone66's Avatar
    I assume this theme isn't ported yet I wish someone will do it.
    2012-03-17 03:40 AM
  9. DefJammable's Avatar
    Ha Van.. this theme is hella old & i'm sure is not gonna be updated
    2012-03-17 04:01 AM
  10. _Vansmak_'s Avatar
    Well I got its attn
    2012-03-17 09:27 AM
  11. yathestha's Avatar
    it is rocking as movie...
    2012-03-17 02:48 PM
  12. McFlulle's Avatar
    I know I'm digging out a somewhat old theme here, but I'm having a few issues trying to use this theme on my iPod. Maybe there is someone out there who can help. Would be greatly appreciated.

    On my lockscreen, the background picture does not show up, instead I just see a little question mark (see attachment). What file do I have to edit to see the correct background image? Solved by changing LockBackground.html

    Also on my lockscreen, the unmodded time and date shows up on top. How do I get rid of that? (see attachment). Solved by installing Lockscreen Clock Hide

    On my springboard, I do not see the time in the status bar. How do I get it back? (see attachment). [After changing stuff around in the Info.plist I managed to get the time back into the status bar. But I couldn't get rid of the "shadow"/double layer of the font, so I settled without the time.]

    The on/off switchers (or sliders, whatever you call them) are out of proportion. How can I fit them correctly? (see attachment). Any ideas on this one?


    Edit: Using iPod Touch 2G Firmware 4.2.1
    Attached Thumbnails [Preview] iNCEPTION HD-img_0001.png   [Preview] iNCEPTION HD-img_0002.png   [Preview] iNCEPTION HD-img_0003.png  
    Last edited by McFlulle; 2012-10-31 at 07:37 PM.
    2012-10-31 01:47 PM
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