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    You can install it on a iPod but you wont be able to send or receive texts (Edit: actually it supports iMessage).

    If you get the gv sms extension you can get a google voice number and rout texts through that

    The bitesms has a thread about theming the QR and QC.

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    2012-02-26 01:21 AM
  2. cavman2004's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure since they updated bite to ios5 the files are all different now. I have a bite theme from another theme that has all the files names if you want them?
    2012-02-27 09:32 PM
  3. Chaingun's Avatar
    swwwwweeeeeeeeeet i know where my next paycheck is headed lol TRON® Gaming Mouse Mat Designed by Razer | Razer Online Store
    2012-02-29 04:28 AM
  4. Jahooba's Avatar
    Hey, apparently if you buy the $99 TRON gaming mouse you can get the TRON mouse pad free

    I'm in need of a new mouse...
    2012-02-29 05:02 AM
  5. Chaingun's Avatar
    The pad is tool thick for my liking tbh but it still looks awesome
    2012-02-29 05:08 AM
  6. Jahooba's Avatar
    After watching a few reviews, it doesn't seem like the mouse is worth the $99 (apparently it was $200 when first released!).

    The trackpad seems pretty nice, though I don't really need one. I've found that rubberized, self-healing cutting mats work extremely well as a mouse pad, and you can get them for like $3

    Like this:

    Amazon.com: Making Memories Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 10 Inch-by-10 Inch: Arts, Crafts & Sewing
    2012-02-29 05:34 AM
  7. Chaingun's Avatar
    but they don't light up and make tron noises lol jk
    2012-03-01 02:32 PM
  8. Jahooba's Avatar
    but they don't light up and make tron noises lol jk
    But it's got a grid - just like the lightcycle arena
    2012-03-03 05:34 AM
  9. Jahooba's Avatar
    The new iPad may have some newfangled touchscreen technology. Aside from the Retina Display, this is the next best exciting rumor:

    Apple iPad 3 / iPad HD to showcase new touchscreen tech? | News | TechRadar
    2012-03-07 07:43 AM
  10. Megaorange's Avatar
    So what do you think of the new iPad J?
    2012-03-08 06:05 AM
  11. Chakamad's Avatar
    So what do you think of the new iPad J?
    Just for a new 5 mp camera, retina display and some more GCPU, I will not change to the IPAD3 and stay with the JB Ipad2.

    Reasons for the IPAD3 would only be if my girlfriend takes my ipad2 and a JB is out for IOS 5.1 i would switch.
    2012-03-08 06:36 AM
  12. Jahooba's Avatar
    I want one! It finally has the Retina Display. I don't think I've ever seen a screen with such high resolution - it's going to be neat to see for the first time

    And, of course, I'm itching to do a giant Neurotech image for it. The way the iPad handles the lockscreen is a little weird, though - it rotates. I'm not sure I can do an image the same way I did the iPhone, which is locked at one width and height. To begin with I'd be happy just making an image for the homescreen, or even just to stick in the photo app and look at it.

    Also, the icons are going to be massive, which means I may have to remake them for Neurotech iPad. Or, and this is most likely, I'll create auto-skinning icons that blend into the springboard wallpaper.

    The only problem is whether it will get a jailbreak. I've considered waiting for one before purchasing - the only reason I would really want one is to theme it, lol. Seriously. I think the only reason I have an iPod is because I can jailbreak it and switch out the artwork. It's like an addiction
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    2012-03-08 07:02 AM
  13. Megaorange's Avatar
    How detailed would you be able to make things on that resolution
    2012-03-08 07:19 AM
  14. Jahooba's Avatar
    I'm not sure but I really want to find out. It all depends on how many millimeters represents 1 pixel. In photoshop it's easy to fill in a pixel at the exact resolution, but when you're drawing/ drafting you need to know the precise measurement.

    It's all part of the testing. Neurotech went through the same thing - now I have (lots of) base files and measurements that I work off of.

    On another note, it will be interesting to see how this resolution will become standard in a couple years. We'll start to see more and more websites with larger logos and bigger images so they won't look really small on the iPad 3.
    2012-03-08 04:52 PM
  15. Sinskin8r's Avatar
    idk if anyone has done this but invert colors with neurotech on looks surprisingly cool!
    2012-03-14 10:14 PM
  16. laztplay's Avatar
    hey j

    this theme is beautiful so much

    i like this

    thank you so much ^^
    2012-03-15 07:14 AM
  17. jsnx's Avatar
    hi Jahooba. just want to say thanks for such a neat theme.
    its quite eerie how a theme that looks nothing like any Tron world is so easily recognizable as Tron.
    I'd told myself when i got an iphone my modding phone days were over & just use the themes the way they are released but i find that difficult, especially when amazing themes like this seem to invite you to mod.
    Ive pretty much added bits from various other Tron themes that didnt satisfy me enough to use as a regular theme into Neurotech with some personal editing. Thought i'd show a teaser with just a couple of pics of what i get to look at now!

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    2012-03-15 12:34 PM
  18. laztplay's Avatar
    hey Jahooba

    i want to create colorkeyboard other language

    i want to file about neurotech colorkeyboard for create this

    And how to do it. you can help me?
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    2012-03-16 03:59 AM
  19. Jahooba's Avatar
    hey Jahooba

    i want to create colorkeyboard other language

    i want to file about neurotech colorkeyboard for create this

    And how to do it. you can help me?
    I'm not entirely sure what you're asking me. I don't have any plans to release a non-English version, and I can't give away the original artwork files.
    2012-03-16 03:24 PM
  20. laztplay's Avatar

    i'm understand
    2012-03-17 11:44 AM
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