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    I'm very sorry for the delay. As it stands, I'm as impatient as you guys when it comes to my site, so I no longer feel like waiting.

    #Added the Brightness Slider images and the Kill Prior button for SwitcherPlus graciously contributed by stal888
    #Added the UITinted images created by Justin R.
    #Added Satiunet, a Lockscreen initially created by Andrea into PrincipiumHD. I also created individual sliders Call and Power Off.

    Credit to those gentleman for the help!
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________

    After countless hours of work, and countless hours of trial and error it's finally here!

    #Download the theme and SSH it into Winterboard.
    #Drag the theme to the very top.

    I know plenty elements are still not themed. Some may be on the todo list and some I may not even know about. I've put so much time and energy ensuring these elements flow properly and look good on the retina device.
    Full credit to Andrea for the idea and some sources!

    In addition, I've spent so much time on this that if you're feeling generous please donate. It would really help motivate me to continue!

    Legacy Links:

    Additionally, here are all of my PSD files for you guys to contribute to the continuation of this theme!
    I won't have an incredible amount of time to continue work, so any help is appreciated. Please, no half-*** jobs on creating elements. Please follow accordingly to the PSD's and create work as close to mine as possible. If it shows merit, then I'll include it in the original download as I update the theme!
    The PSD was too large to upload as a single file, so make sure to download both for reference. Sorry for the lack of organization in the 2nd one. :-!

    You can follow my twitter for any updates. As time goes on I'll post updated versions here and on my site once it's finished.
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    2010-12-19 07:07 PM
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    This is looking promising. But something more would be nice.
    2010-12-19 10:18 PM
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    This is Matthew reakus, Class-A douchebag we're talking about. Don't expect something remarkable.
    2010-12-19 10:34 PM
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    I couldnt find the original Principium for 3G/3GS too. A link would be nice. Or at least, some icons to whet our appetite?
    2010-12-20 12:32 AM
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    First post is updated, and it's released. The SD version of this can be found on MTF and was created by a close friend of mine named Andrea.

    To anyone who uses it. Enjoy.
    2010-12-30 05:09 PM
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    So why is there no preview, nothing ?
    2010-12-30 05:22 PM
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    You're kidding me, right? Every file is blank
    If you'd like, follow me on Twitter: @16Maarten
    Master Theme Creator
    2010-12-30 05:45 PM
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    No, it's optimized for iPhone, so a normal computer won't be able to see the images. Look at it through iFile, or convert the PNG.
    2010-12-30 07:32 PM
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    Yeah all of the PNG's were accidentally optimized during design. If you decode them, they become less than perfect so I wouldn't suggest it.

    To those who've asked, this is a GUI theme. Practically is an elegant Matte design of the original. A lot of work to still do, but hopefully this will hold up for a little until my MacBook Air arrives.

    I'll post preview images then for those wondering what it is, but not in the mood to download and try it out.
    2011-01-06 07:35 PM
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    Here is a slight preview image of the new LockScreen.

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    2011-01-23 09:54 PM
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    i just want principium for bitesms theme.i DON'T want the whole principium HD theme. went i SSH to my winterboard and apply it it change to gray/glasskart color not change to black background color. how it be like that?? can someone explain to me. i SSH principium HD beta 4.

    i don't know how to snap a picture from my iphone to use *** screenshoot
    2012-01-18 09:10 AM